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Finding the Warrior’s Spirit in “Loyal Brave True” by Christina Aguilera

Cover art for "Loyal Brave True" by Christina Aguilera

Happy #SongLyricsSunday! Today’s prompt is to find a song with the words “Devoted”, “Faithful”, “Honorable”, “Loyal”, and “True” in the lyrics. This prompt made me think back last year and my love for Christina Aguilera‘s “Loyal Brave True” for the live-action adaption for Disney‘s Mulan. I haven’t seen the live-action version or will I due to many reasons that are too long to state on this blog (I just don’t know!). Yet, “Loyal Brave True” has been one of the best things that are related to the movie. Let’s take a deeper look at the song.

Should I Ask Myself in the Water

“Loyal Brave True” was released by Christina Aguilera last year. It was written by four people (yes, count them four!): Billy Crabtree, Harry Gregson-Williams, Jamie Hartman, and Rosi Golan. There is no information on Crabtree. But, Harry Gregson-Williams has been writing film scores since the 90s, even composed the score for the live-action adaption of Mulan. Jamie Hartman is a producer who has worked with Aguilera before on her 2012 album Lotus. And Israeli singer-songwriter Rosi Golan has been releasing music since 2005, released two EPs and two LPs.

It was Mitchell Leib, the president of music and soundtracks for the Walt Disney Studios, who wanted Christina Aguilera to come back to do the new adaption’s theme song. Aguilera is no stranger to Mulan as she sang the pop version of “Reflections” for the 1998 animated version. The success of “Reflections” was the singer’s ticket to stardom as she soon got a record deal, recorded music, and got a lot of fans like me. Yes, I was a Christina Aguilera fan in the day, had the t-shirts, CDs, and merchandise that was promoted at Sears back in the late 90s and early 2000s (blame my mom!).

But, back to “Loyal Brave True”! Songwriters Jamie Hartman and Harry Gregson-Williams incorporated classic Chinese musical influence. You can hear the guzheng in the song. The song also features Aguilera’s powerhouse vocals over beautiful instrumentation that embodies the warrior spirit like Mulan. Because of these characteristics, it is such a beautiful tune that I adore. Sadly, it was one of the most underrated songs of 2020.

How about you? Do you like “Loyal Brave True”? Listen to the song below and let me know!

Lyrics for Christina Aguilera’s “Loyal Brave True”

War is not freedom
Over my shoulder
I see a clearer view
All for my family
Reason I’m breathing
Everything to lose

Should I ask myself in the water
What a warrior would do?
Tell me underneath my armor
Am I loyal, brave and true?
Am I loyal, brave and true?

Losing is easy
Winning takes bravery
I am a tiger’s fool
Out in the open
No one to save me
The kindest of whispers are cruel

Should I ask myself in the water
What a warrior would do?
Tell me underneath my armor
Am I loyal, brave and true?
Am I loyal, brave and true?

Cold is the morning
Warm is the dream
Chasing the answers
‘Til I can’t sleep
Will I be stronger
Or will I be weak
When you’re not with me?

Who am I without my armor
Standing in my father’s shoes?
All I know is that it’s harder
To be loyal, brave and true

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