The Daily Feature: Taking a Deeper Look at Christine Nguyen’s “Stranded”

Today’s song is “Stranded” by American Alternative / Indie R&B singer-songwriter Christine Nguyen. Nguyen describes the song as one about betrayal. “The song describes my state of frustration with somebody who left me out to dry and used me,” she said, “It’s driven by wanting closure.”

As a lo-fi R&B tune, one can ethereal beauty within “Stranded”, mainly in the synthesizers and vocals. The slow yet gorgeous synthesizer creates a deep yet soothing vibe. It has a diverse range as the instrument goes from a light sound to a darker mood in a matter of a few bars. But, don’t be fooled as the synthesizers create a rich landscape that has so many musical textures: just take a listen at the midsection of the section. That synthesizer part is something to listen to!

But, it isn’t the synthesizers that make this song, it is the vocals too. Nguyen pulls the listeners along the musical journey with her soothing, colorful vocals that sings the melody with such beautiful rich tones. With these vocals, compelling lyrics, and gorgeous synthesizers, Christine Nguyen’s “If” should be on your must-listen playlist today!

Make sure to check out Christine Nguyen’s “Stranded” down below and let me know what you think of it in the comments!

About the Artist: Christine Nguyen

Christine Nguyen is a singer-songwriter from Portland, OR. She makes music ranging from contemporary pop to lo-fi R&B. Her music has been published in various magazines and publications. She has 60,000+ streams on Spotify and Apple Music as well as 9,000+ social media followers across Tik Tok, Instagram, and Twitter.