You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: Journey to This Kind of Future With City Sound’s “Gas Clouds”

The Daily Feature: Journey to This Kind of Future With City Sound’s “Gas Clouds”

Today’s song is “Gas Clouds” by Venezuelan sythnwave band City Sound. A track that will enchant listeners with its vibrant synthesized colors and dream-like vibes. Each note, beat, and melody line heard in “Gas Clouds” features something intriguing to the listener’s ears. You will never get bored with this song as each time you listen to the song, you will crave for more.

This has to be one of my favorite tracks that was released in 2020 because it is so well-crafted and so interesting. I love the vocal melodies during the verses as they are bright and airy. But also, I love the dark tones found in the chorus with the singer singing in a lower octave with chanting from background vocals. Just how that chorus was done was really brilliant. And, the synthetized instrumentation featured throughout the song is also brilliant as well as very catchy!

Make sure to check out “Gas Clouds” by City Sound down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Make sure to also check out their debut album:

About the Artist: City Sound

City Sound

“City Sound”, seeks to take the listener on a retrofuturistic journey, to a dream city in the year 2080, where its inhabitants happily listen to the sound of machines representative of the time, music coming from strange sound systems along with conversations and passers-by footsteps, which for the common citizens is nothing more than the sound of the progress of a society that has apparently overcome all its problems.

Make sure to check City Sound at the following sites:

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Journey to This Kind of Future With City Sound's "Gas Clouds"

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  1. renee

    Thanks for introducing us to the school music! As always

  2. Kenneth

    More of a rock and alternative music kinda guy but when I heard this one? NOT bad at all 😊 thanks for sharing here 😚 at least I get to hear music out of my norm.

  3. Monidipa

    Out of all the songs I really liked one steel angels!

  4. Fransic Verso

    Interesting music and that it is in the future. First time to know about this. Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Alita Pacio

    It’s my first time hearing this song, but I enjoyed listening to it. Thanks for sharing. I got to learn a new song

  6. thanks so much for sharing about this sound album, I 1st time know about it, after checking out, I really enjoy the songs. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  7. melissa major

    This sounds like a very interesting song, I will have to check out the album too, great post

  8. Eric Gamble

    Wow, never heard of City Sound before. I am not 100% sure it is my style of music but I dont mind the beats and I guess I could imagine working out or doing some sort of Cardio Class to songs like Gas Clouds.
    The female voice is unique too

  9. Anosa

    At this moment the futuristic 2080 would be much better than 2020 lol.

  10. Mayuri Saxena

    I really enjoyed listening to City Sound – Gas clouds. I am going to share it with my friends for sure.

  11. Rochelle

    I really love the beat! It reminds of me of the 90’s . Not my casual music but it’s super catchy

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