Come Into the World of Silicon!

Today’s post was partly inspired from a recent Buzzfeed video where teenagers were watching and commenting on popular videos from 1999: Brittany Spears’ “Hit Me Baby One More Time”, a Shania Twain video, and others. The last video was Eiffel 65’s “Blue (Da Ba Dee)”, which the teens commented on its horrible graphics and the “blue”-themed lyrics. Personally, I got a laugh at the kids’ comments because Eiffel 65 and “Blue” were some of my favorite things in elementary school and I didn’t think it was a bad video back in the day. However, now it’s different after watching the video the first time in 16 years; those graphics and plots were indeed horrendous. Oh, how times changed!
“Europop” was one of my favorite albums heading into the 21st Century. I remember I got really excited whenever “Blue” was played on the radio. I liked it so much that taped it so I could hear it over and over. When my parents noticed that I played it excessively, they bought me the album, which I still have but in ok condition (its been scratched up, disappeared during a few moves, and missing its booklet pal)  I looooooooooved the album. The more and more I played it, the more I started to hate “Blue” and love the lesser known songs like “Too Much of Heaven”, “Europop”, and “Dub in Life”. I grew to love one song a lot, which I still love to this day: ‘Silicon World”.
I think what hooked me on ‘Silicon World” was the morbid and mysterious musical motif going on. Right off the bat, the song sounds ominous with the minor triads. After the foreshadowing of the chorus, the song gets a basic beat going with a 8-bit drum kit and the minor triads still going on. The meat of the song comes from the vocals and melody line. Although the song features a basic dance-type male vocals, it is made up with the melody line as the singer uses the song’s ranges to create a feeling of “some mysterious dream world that involves the powerful needs of dream girl”. The lyrics kind of support the statement as they mention the singer’s experiences in a “silicon world” with a “silicon girl”. But, I find the lyrics a bit too aloof for my tastes as I always thought a “silicon girl” equals “a plastic girl”. Why would you want a girl who is basic and possibly fake? That’s no fun,
If you can get pass the basic lyrics, you might find out that  ‘Silicon World” is a great album song with its grim melodic themes and feeling what the singer wants through the melodies.

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