You are currently viewing New Music Pickup: Conrad Deadly Releases A Rockin’ New Single Entitled “Cults”

New Music Pickup: Conrad Deadly Releases A Rockin’ New Single Entitled “Cults”

Do you believe that we live in a cult? A cult doesn’t have to be something religious, according to UK singer-songwriter Conrad Deadly. Cults can be as simple as the groups we live in our real lives and internet ones. It can boil down to the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, and the food we eat. Some cults are good, and some are bad.

Conrad Deadly talks about cults and their power in our lives in his new single “Cults”. Check it out down below and let me know what you think about it in the comments below!

Behind “Cults” by Conrad Deadly

About the single, Conrad Deadly had this to say:

The second single “Cults” following up the debut single “Sally lives in my girls yard”. “Cults” is about the realization that everything thing is a cult, from football to the bread we buy. The song came after a close friend was almost taken in by a cult. The tune is a lot more rocking than in comparison to the softer sounding debut single.

The song was produced by Dan White (ex Tribes member). It also featuring George Le Page on drums the song

Conrad Deadly’s “Cults” is a delightful listen with it’s blazing electric guitars and hard rock vocals. Fans of Rolling Stones or The Clash should especially listen to this single!

Listen to “Cults” by Conrad Deadly below and let me know what you think in the comments below!

Conrad performed a live acoustic version on the song recently:

About the Artist: Conrad Deadly

Conrad Leadley

Hailing from Whitby and never seen without a cup of Yorkshire’s finest in his hand, the tea that is, Conrad Leadley is a seasoned artist and musician. Having cut his teeth in bands and playing solo around the world., he’s now ready to make his mark in the motherland. Conrad also happens to be an internationally acclaimed model, but that’s a whole different story…

As 2020 kicks in, Conrad unleashes his new venture as Conrad Deadly, which has already seen him feature on BBC Introducing radio York & North Yorkshire, with no official release behind him until recently. Conrad has strongly honed and nurtured his northern talents into a style that’s not only exciting but unique in the genre.

With his musical roots firmly embedded in punk, Britpop, and folk, this fusion together with a warm and fuzzy yet rapturous balance. This enables the strong underlying messages of rebellion and hopes to echo through. Conrad combines these musical messages with abstract drawings to accompany his lyrics, to strive for positivity and making a difference, not only to people but in the world for the better, especially in such uncertain times.

You can follow Conrad Leadley at the following sites:

Youtube | Soundcloud | Spotify |Instagram | Bandcamp

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New Music Pickup: Conrad Deadly Releases A Rockin' New Single Entitled "Cults"

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    This is my first time of hearing about Conrad Leadely, I hope to hear more of him in the music industry.

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    What a crazy reason for him writing that song (that his fries almost got taken in by a cult) is

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    I am hearing about him for the first time and his music sounds good to me.

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