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The Daily Feature: The Mellowing Vibes of Counting Chances’ “Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine”

Today’s featured song is “Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine” by the American indie folk/alternative rock band Counting Chances. “Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine” is a song that features “haunting female vocals, pedal steel guitar, acoustic piano, and light drums”. Within the song, listeners will notice the soothing moods from the vocals and instrumentations. Although this song is set to a slower tempo, don’t let you dismiss this song as “boring”. It is quite the opposite: interesting with the instrumentation (especially with those gorgeous chords played by the pedal steel guitar) and the vocals have a chance to showcase their expressive ranges.

“Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine” is a must-listen tune for its soothing vibes but its expressive ranges found with the instrumentation and vocals.

Make sure to check out “Fine Fine Fine Fine Fine” by Counting Chances down below and let me know what you think about the song in the comments!

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