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Vancouver-Based Country Duo Cross Parallel Speaks About “Better With Time”

Vancouver-based Country duo Cross Parallel recently talked to ai love music about their inspirations, how they got to get together, and their new single “Better With Time”. Cross Parallel is composed of 2015 CCMA Spotlight artist and Ray McAuley Horizon Award-winner Danielle Marie, and Jordan Pritchett, guitarist of the Juno nominated, platinum-selling band, Faber Drive. After meeting at a song-write in 2015, and pursuing their music careers as individual artists, the couple decided to merge together to form Cross Parallel and haven’t looked back since.

Check out the special meaning behind “Better With Time” as how the song related to the duo’s relationship. Also, make sure to read what was it like working with Derek Norsworthy and Brandon Green in Nashvile on the song!

Make sure to check out “Better With Time” by Cross Parallel down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

First of all, please introduce yourself!

Hi guys! Thanks for having us! We are Cross Parallel, a Vancouver-based duo and couple! We have both been in music for a long time and started playing shows together almost immediately after we met. We resisted for a while, but eventually gave in to forming a duo together!

How did Cross Parallel come to be?

Prior to partnering up as a duo, we were actually both solo artists who met during a song-write. We soon after started hanging out, which turned into us becoming a couple and eventually started playing all our shows as a team. At first, we didn’t like the idea of officially forming a new group together, but as time went on, we saw the writing on the wall and caved in to the inevitable! Coming up with the name was the hardest part!!

Cross Parallel

What artists and musical genres inspire you?

We both like a wide variety of music. We always joke that when our playlist is on shuffle, it goes from one extreme to the next, but we think it helps us have an open mind creatively. At least that’s our excuse! As far as who and what, we love Elvis, The Beatles, Bruno Mars, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, Maren Morris, Tenille Townes, Fleetwood Mac, Foo Fighters, Metallica, just to name a few. Almost any genre!

Your music has a “unique sound and relatable lyrics”. Could you elaborate on this more?

I think to take one look at our influences and you’ll see that it could be a mashup of sound! When in the studio, we try to let the song have a life of its own. Not to push it in any direction, so to speak. One of Danielle’s mottos is to “write songs that make people feel something”. So with these new songs we’re looking to release later in the year from our upcoming EP, we feel that is evident!

Let’s talk about your newest single “Better With Time”. What is it about?

“Better With Time” is kind of our love story. We wrote it in Nashville with co-writers Derek Norsworthy and Brandon Green about our relationship, at the time, 3 years into it. We recorded the song in January this year and changed the lyric of the 2nd line in the song to “and 5 years later…” But the song stays true to this day. Our hope is that couples around the world will relate to it in that they feel closer and a stronger bond over time!

What was writing and producing the single like?

Oh, man! It was seriously one of the funniest songs we’ve been able to work on. First of all, writing it with those guys was so much fun. One of those writing sessions that just feels good. It was a fun song and we were all really loving it. Producing it was a blast too, we had a great band/crew in The Warehouse Studio in Vancouver and we were all feeling the classic vibes big time! Props to all of the people there for that, because when it’s that much fun, being a producer seems easy!!

What inspired you to write “Better With Time”?

It really is about our relationship from the beginning. We had pretty different lives when we met, but the same aspirations. We really felt magic with each other and have pretty much been inseparable since. The song means quite a bit to us. We’ve both matured and grown together.. and brought out the best in each other. That’s essentially what it means to us. The longer we’re together, the more we know one another, the stronger our bond and our love become! Not to sound too cheesy on ya ;P

Cross Parallel

What are the most important things you want listeners to listen for in your music?

We feel that our signature to our sound is our harmonies and how our 2 voices together create a certain sound. There are many things we could say to answer this question, but that distinct sound, as well as we hope that our listeners can hear our passion and emotion come through in our songs. We hope they really FEEL it.

What are your future plans?

We have a few more new songs that we’re really excited to follow this one up with, and an EP as well! So the next year will be packed with new music from us!! As far as us as a couple? We’re recently engaged and have a wedding to plan!! Scary and exciting and all the feels all at once!

Finally, do you have any messages for the readers of ai love music?

Well, we really appreciate you guys having us on here and for your readers – we really appreciate you reading what we have to say!! Thank you so much. We’d love it if you’d check out our music, videos, and socials and we hope you like what you hear and see! Of course, feel free to shoot us a comment or message and we’d be very happy to chat with you!! We are huge fans of music and VERY appreciative of fans of music!! <3 -Cross Parallel

Check out Cross Parallel at the following sites:

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Vancouver-Based Country Duo Cross Parallel Speaks About "Better With Time"

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