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The Daily Feature: What Makes Crosstalk Club’s “Psychic Girlfriend” So Enjoyable?

Today’s Daily Feature is “Psychic Girlfriend” by the Indie Rock/Alternative Rock band Crosstalk Club. According to the band, the song’s premise is “an ironic little story of what happens when you date a walking lie detector.” With this story in mind, “Psychic Girlfriend” is an upbeat rock tune that is really delightful to listen to.

I really love the instrumentation with the really strong piano sub-melody is the backbone of the song’s beat. Also, the electronic guitars bits that go in and out during the song are entertaining. It adds a bit of edge to “Psychic Girlfriend” during such places breaks and during the chorus Of course, the vocals are the main stars of the tune as they tell the story with their gravel yet smooth tones. They are expressive as the vocals sing a wide range of notes, from low to high, to emphasize the lyrics.

There is so much to love about “Psychic Girlfriend”: the strong piano sub-melodies, the electronic guitar bits that come and go, the guitar solo during the break, and the gravel yet smooth vocals. Although it is label an alternative rock, I feel like this Crosstalk Club has elements akin to modern country-rock tunes and could be liked by country music fans (as well as anyone!). With upbeat, enjoyable instrumentation, great vocals, and an entertaining story, “Psychic Girlfriend” is a must-listen for any music lover TODAY!

Make sure to listen to “Psychic Girlfriend” by Crosstalk Club down below and let me know what you think in the comments

Also check out the band’s newest album Liftoff and tell me what is your favorite track!

About the Artist: Crosstalk Club

Crosstalk Club

Fun power-pop guitars meet pianos, hooks, and oddball lyrics about growing up, paranormal dating, dysfunctional relationships, time travel, and piano sledgehammers. Crosstalk Club puts their own spin on the sound of bands like The Killers, Cheap Trick, Bleachers, Fountains of Wayne, Matthew Sweet, and OK Go.

Every band has a story about commitment, but Crosstalk Club takes perseverance to a new level. The band was formed by New Jersey bar-band keyboardist Dan O’Leary. Dan gathered some of his gig warrior friends and planned a new band to record and perform his tunes. 

But those plans turned into a multi-year quest. A hard-drive crash forced them to restart from scratch. A studio ripped off the band’s mixing budget and delayed the mixes for over two years. Dan ended up in the hospital twice for his heart, once for cancer, and then got exposed to Covid-19. And then we all went through a year of the pandemic shutdown. 

But little things like digital meltdowns, life-threatening illness, and a global pandemic couldn’t stop the album, just delay it a little. 

Make sure to check out Crosstalk Club at the following sites:

Instagram | Bandcamp | Spotify | Twitter | Facebook

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What Makes Crosstalk Club's "Psychic Girlfriend" So Enjoyable?

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