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Escape to the Virgin Islands with Damian Dame

Happy #SongLyricsSunday! It has been a really busy weekend, especially today. I had a school event yesterday and then I performed in my friend’s show tonight. However, I made time for this #SLS as I could finally talk about one of my favorite obscure 90s albums. The prompt is finding a song with the words “Atoll”, “Island”, “Key”, “Lagoon”, “Peninsula”, “Reef”, or “Tropical” in the lyrics or in the title. What a perfect prompt to introduce the 90s R&B duo Damian Dame with their song “Virgin Island”.

Ever Since I Set Him Free

“Virgin Island” was a track off Damian Dame’s 1991 self-titled debut album. It was one of the first albums to be released on the LaFace Records label (which was owned and produced by L.A. Reid and Babyface). Sadly, it was the only album to be released by Damian Dame as tragedy happened before the duo was able to finish their second album. On June 27, 1994, the female vocalist Debra Jean “Deah Dame” Hurd died in a car accident. Then exactly two years later, Bruce Edward “Damian” Broadus died of colon cancer.

It is tragic that the two passed away so young as they were talented musicians and had a lot of great hits. But, we can still remember them with their music, like my favorite “Right Down To It” and also “Virgin Island”.

Even though “Virgin Island” has a tropical feel in the instrumentation, the lyrical theme is far from that. Instead, the lyrics are all about a woman who has parted ways from a lover and has now has chosen to walk on Virgin Island. She has some doubts as the character wonders if she should go back to the lover or stay at Virgin Island. It is kind of lonely there, but at least the character has her pride. Maybe that is enough?

What I love about this Damian Dame tune is the peaceful vibes from this tropical-sounding piece. It also showcases Debra Jean “Deah Dame” Hurd’s powerful pipes as she has a diverse and dynamic range! How about you: what do you think of Damian Dame’s “Virgin Island”? Listen below and let me know!

The Lyrics to Damian Dame’s “Virgin Islands”

The arguing and disagreeing is finally behind us
Now we can go our separate ways so other loves can find us
So for now I must return this ring we thought would bind us
To walk away, I take a path that finds me on Virgin Island

Virgin Island
Just take a look at me
And you’ll see why
Virgin Island
Most stubborn girls like me wind up on
Virgin Island
Ever since I set him free

To my convictions, I am holding tight
If nothing else, I’ve got my pride
Although it’s lonely here, at least I speak my mind
Should I give him his way
Or should I stay out here until the end of time?

Virgin Island
Somebody rescue me
Virgin Island
Ever since I set him free

Ya yo oh oh

I set him free
I let it be
And now I must give back this ring
I’m holdin’ tight
With all my might
If nothing else, I’ve got my pride
Eye to eye
We could not see
So this is where I’d rather be
On Virgin Island, baby

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