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Conversing With Canadian Country Artist Danielle Ryan About “Weather Man”

Canadian Country artist Danielle Ryan recently chatted with ai love music about her musical journey, her inspirations, and the release of her newest single “Weather Man”. What real-life events inspired Ryan to create “Weather Man”? Find out below!

Make sure to listen to Danielle Ryan’s newest single down below and let me know what you think of the single in the comments!

First of all, can you introduce yourself? What got you into music?

I grew up on my family dairy farm in Pitt Meadows. Music was always something we had playing in our house and I grew up studying piano and singing in the church choir. When I was in maybe 8th grade, I taught myself how to play guitar and write songs. And then I just never stopped…

What musical genres and/or artists influence you?

I think since I’ve been writing for so long that my music is influenced by so many genres and artists. A good song is a good song. It’s like when I first heard Teenage Dream and listened to it non-stop for the next 6 weeks. I grew up in 90’s country- fell in love with 80s hits. Had a few years where I went to record stores on the weekends and listened to traditional country and became inspired by Loretta Lynn & Johnny Cash. I just love when someone can tell a good story through a song.

Danielle Ryan

In your bio, it says that you have a “unique country-pop sound”. Could you describe this?

We’ve pulled from my country roots of more traditional sounds and then mixed it with a modern flare. Brian Howes (Simple Plan, Keith Urban) did a great job executing the sound I wanted and making the songs that I wrote on my bedroom floor come to life.

When you create songs, what is the most important thing you want to be featured in your songs?

I like a song to sound exactly how I would say it. I want it to be honest and relatable and I think the only way to achieve that is to do just that.

Let’s talk about your latest single “Weather Man”. What is it about? What inspired you to write the song?

Growing up on my farm we depend on the Weather report a lot when we’re making hay… and the Weatherman is rarely ever right. We would be starting to cut to make hay because the weather would say sun all week and then it would start raining. I took that whole concept and related it to a relationship I was having at the time and it just seemed to work.

How was it producing the song? How did the songwriting process go?

I wrote “Weather Man” on my bedroom floor and then later got my Brother to help me finish it. I worked with Brian Howes on this song and he really brought the whole thing to life. He took my vision and gave it so much more depth.

What is the main point of the song? Is it a certain melody, instrumentation, lyrics, vocals, or
something else? And why?

My goal with recording and writing music isn’t to follow a certain rule book. I really just want the song to sound like how the song should sound. I find it to be constricting if you’re trying to fit certain moulds. I think Weatherman is a bit different than other songs I’ve written but still very me.

What do you want listeners to take away from listening to your music?

I really just hope they enjoy it. That they may be related to it enough to want to listen again and come on this journey with me.

Danielle Ryan

What are your future plans?

That’s a big question. I’m a really go-go-go kinda person. I set goals and then chase after them.

Music wise; I’m hoping that I get to release an EP this year!

Finally, any final words for the readers of ai love music?

Thanks, Amy for talking with me!!

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Conversing With Canadian Country Artist Danielle Ryan About "Weather Man"

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