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Guitarist and Songwriter Dave Sponza Speaks About His Music

Guitarist/Songwriter Dave Sponza has released some amazing music recently. He released the power-rock version of the classic English ballad “Scarborough Fair” and the single “Shine On” that fused with so many positive, inspiring vibes. The songwriter talked to ai love music recently via Zoom about his inspirations, why he decided to cover “Scarborough Fair”, and what was “Shine On” all about. Let’s take a look at this astonishing musician and his music!

About Dave Sponza

Dave Sponza

Dave Sponza is an Italian-born guitar player and songwriter who is currently residing in the United States. He is an eclectic artist who fingerpicks both acoustic and electric guitars. His music is a mix of different styles and different styles: pop, acoustic, rock, and more. You have better listen to his music so you can get a better feel for it.

He started when he was a little kid as his father was also a guitar player. His dad used to play acoustic guitar in front of him since he was a baby. However, he wasn’t a musician since then as he was playing and creating on and off throughout his life. There were times where he was playing for various bands. But, there were also times where he had to put his music on hold for work and his career.

The guitar player and artist came to the United States from his native country of Italy about ten years ago. When he came, Sponza built up connections and relationships with other musicians. It was only a couple of years ago when Sponza decided that he wanted to create and release his own music.

Sponza’s family was his very first musical inspiration. The songwriter also cites The Beatles, Dire Straits, and the Italian songwriter Francesco De Gregori as inspirations as well.

When asked what does he want listeners to listen to his music, Sponza had one simple answer: “Just listen to it!” He hopes people can listen to his music and like it.

His Cover of “Scarborough Fair”

One of the reasons why Sponza decided to cover this classic English ballad is because he loves the melody. ‘It’s very deep, it’s very hypnotic, and it’s very relaxing,” the songwriter explained, “It’s just something that comes from another world. It is something I wanted to experiment with and bring it to another level.”

Sponza explained that how he brought the song to another level was first he started off with a classic guitar. He slowly added other instrumentations like percussion, electric guitars, and drums to make it like a power-rock trio. “The idea was to take a very old melody and start with very old instruments, slowly introducing modern instruments. You don’t realize that [by the end] that you are listening to basically rock music.”

His Latest: “Shine On”

Dave Sponza had this to say about what his latest single was about:

Shine On” is a song that is like a collection of memories, just like the [upcoming] album. I found myself in a very good spot when composing music when I take my mind and let my memories flow.: things that happen in your life, situations, people, and feelings. I find this process very inspiring and I could hear music in my head [when thinking back on those memories].

But if you read about the lyrics, this was a situation in my life and it did happen to me. But, I wanted to give a positive message. You can hear the reflections of my life memories in the chorus.

He wrote this song a couple of songs ago, inspired by the current pandemic and the effect it had on people’s lives. He wanted people to know that even in difficult times, keep on shining. Keep on trying to be positive and see the good in things. But also, give what you wish for. If you want to find a friend, be a friend. If you want love, give love. If you want these things, just give them!

Dave Sponza hopes to release his debut EP, entitled Memories, very soon. He has also will be in a band called the A.I.R (America Italian and Russian) with a fellow Russian musician that he met in clubs around the Houston area. He hopes that the band will release an album really soon. Stay tuned to ai love music to hear them!

Sponza hopes that everyone reading this blog post can listen to his music and write back to him, telling him the memories or the feelings they felt while listening to his music. He is eagerly awaiting your comments on this blog or his social media pages.

Make sure to follow Dave Sponza at the following sites:

Official Site | Instagram | Facebook | Youtube

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Guitarist and Songwriter Dave Sponza Speaks About His Music

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    1. Dave

      Hello Aditi, thank you so much! Please contact me and I’ll send it to you if you’d like 🙂


    It sounds like Dave is really talented. Not everyone can play music and write lyrics too.

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    I really like that version of Scarborough Fair, and the way he built up the song

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      Thank you so much, Renata. Although there have been a lot of thinking behind the idea, the production itself was very intuitive and relatively fast! Working with other great artists payed back, lol

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