You are currently viewing December 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist

December 2020 Hot Tracks Playlist

A new playlist for a new month. Here are the hot tracks you have to check out for December! A playlist of different artists from a variety of genres and countries around the world. Mariachi, pop, rock, indie pop, alt-rock, R&B, retrowave, county, classic? We got it all!

This month’s playlist features songs from Avenda, Liv Heyer, Remy Sher, Two Guns Gonzo, Ayermaniana, Mariachi Las Adelitas UK, Richard Jones, Looseleaf, Lohrd Snohw, Luke Royalty, Jylda, louderman, AK Patterson, Naomi Dawes, Demonstrations, Isak Danielson, CHANKA, GAN, Atlantis Gandhi, Gren Bartley, Keep Back Ivy, Twisted Ankle, Lyonne, Marvin Dee Band, Peplo, Coral Snake, Rumour Mill, Soup!, Joseph Bell, Pretty Preachers Club, Casis, N.O.A.H, Artificial Pleasure, The Canary Yellow, Macy, Smash Boom Pow, Borito, Jouska, Only Bricks, Freyr, The Shed, Sean Atkinson, Loving Backwards, Baxtr, Matt Stewart-Evans, and Seagoth.

Be sure to check out this amazing playlist for December below and let me know which songs are your favorite!

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