You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: DESH.DUBS Delivers An Important Message In “Moye”

The Daily Feature: DESH.DUBS Delivers An Important Message In “Moye”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Moye” by Dutch reggae musician DESH.DUBS. This reggae-infused track is in preparation for the Zambezi star’s upcoming EP. According to the artist, the song talks about:

The idea behind “Moye” came after a discussion with a riend about women’s liberation in the US, generally how black women in particular still rise up to the occasion despite decades of abuse and right infringement. I was inspired to make a fun song that speaks on this remarkable “strength and resillence” while supporting and appreciating black women worldwide at the same time


“Moye” is an energetic track that features high energy in both the vocals and the instrumentation. It features an addictive reggae instrumental with raspy vocal tones overlaying it. The vocals hit the right spot in terms of artistry as they are not loud yet not too soft. Both the vocals and the instrumentals bring in the right energy and sound to make “Moye” a must-listen!

If are looking for an infectious reggae track with an uplifting message nestled inside the lyrics, then you have to listen to “Moye” by DESH.DUBS today!

Make sure to check out “Moye” by DESH.DUBS down below. Let me know what you think!

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DESH.DUBS Delivers An Important Message In "Moye"

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