The Daily Feature: The Serenity Found in Devin Williams’ “Won’t Wait”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Won’t Wait” by American Indie Folk singer-songwriter Devin Williams. It is such a beautiful acoustic track that features a lot of ambient and melancholy moods. When you first listen to the song, be in awe of the gorgeous yet haunting multi-layer vocals that open up. Then, at the forty-five-second mark, the song switches gears as the acoustic guitar come in. The song slowly builds up by introducing drums, the bass, and a dab of an electric guitar little by little throughout.

You can hear the influences of John Mayer and The 1975 throughout the song (who are Williams’ inspirations). You can hear hints of The 1975 in the way that Williams sets up the multi-layer vocals at the beginning but also during the chorus. With John Mayer, you can hear his influences throughout the vocal track which are deep, airy, and down-to-earth.

Devin Williams had this to say about the meaning behind the lyrics: “The lyrics describe the struggles of being young but knowing that the end of that youth is fast approaching, without anything to show for it. It contemplates the tension between wanting to make the most of our prime years by chasing our dreams- and fear of falling short of society’s expectations.”

“Won’t Wait” is a gorgeous indie-folk song that features beautiful vocal layers, vocals tones, and serenity throughout the acoustic guitar and vocals. Its lyrics have a deep meaning about the tension at the end of one’s youth. All in all, this is a beautiful tune that you have to check out now!

Make sure to check out “Won’t Wait” by Devin Williams down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Devin Williams is a New York-based guitarist who grew up playing in church and doing local studio gigs. After years as an instrumentalist, he recently branched out into writing, singing, and producing his own original music. Inspired by a wide range of influences like Bon Iver, John Mayer, and the 1975, Williams writes music that covers a broad scope of the musical spectrum. He is still continuing to grow and settle into his style as a songwriter, and he appreciates those of you who have chosen to stop by and share that journey with him.

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