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A Tribute to a Motown Legend With “Missing You” by Diana Ross

Happy #SongLyricsSunday! Today’s prompt is to find a song that was written as a tribute. There are a lot of great tribute songs that were written over the years, so it was hard to choose only one. But, I eventually chose “Missing You” by American singer Diana Ross. Which artist did the song pay tribute to? Find out by reading on!

I’m Missing You

“Missing You” was released on November 13, 1984, by Diano Ross as a tribute to the late “Prince of Motown” Marvin Gaye. The song was written after Gaye was murdered by his father earlier in the year.

The song was written by Lionel Ritchie (who also sings backing vocals on the chorus). Ritchie wrote the lyrics after the conversations he and Smokey Robinson had with Ross. “[The song] actually came out of a conversation that Smokey Robinson and I had one evening about how we were missing Marvin and what he meant to us, as well as to music,” Diana said, “Then Lionel and I got to talking about how we need to tell people that we love them while they’re still alive. Lionel used all this to write that beautiful and special song.”[1]

“Missing You” was Diana Ross’ last major hit on the U.S. pop singles chart, After three weeks as #1 on the charts, it was bumped by another Marvin Gaye tribute: “Nightshift” by the Commodores. Whitney Houston would later cover this song in 1997 for Classic Whitney: Live from Washington, D.C as a tribute to Princess Diana, The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, and others who died recently at the time.

It is a beautiful ballad that features Ross’ grief over losing her friend and former labelmate. A sentimental piece that features honest melancholy in such a way that clinches the listener’s attention with bittersweet melodies. I just love the vocal melody as it is so gorgeous and filled with such emotion! I actually never heard of this song before, but I know love it and I will be listening over and over this week!

How about you? What do you think about Diana Ross’ “Missing You”? Listen to the song below. Let me know what you think in the comments.

Whitney Houston’s version:

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A Tribute to a Motown Legend With "Missing You" by Diana Ross



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  1. newepicauthor

    Perfect choice Amy and I love both versions, Diana Ross and Whitney Houston. This was a sad ending for Marvin Gaye. The humming is very special in this song.

  2. Stine Writing

    I forgot about that song! It was so beautiful! I remember hearing it. I’m not sure I have ever heard the Whitney Houston version but then again live versions often sound different anyhow.

  3. Hang Around The World

    I know her and she’s one fo the coolest voice and personality we have in the world. This song is so amazing, I have discovered it again thanks to you. – Paolo

  4. sambo

    Oh wow, this is an oldie! I was 4 years old when Diano released the missing you! this is good to know. hahah.

  5. Angela

    I loved this song, I’m not sure if it was more because I love Ms Ross of because I loved Marvin Gay music

  6. Renee

    I’ve loved Diana Ross since I was young and this reminded me why!

  7. Paula

    There’s so much rich history that came from the 60’s and Motown specifically. The influence of these talented artists is still so present in the music of today. Diana Ross was such a star. I love her.


    The song sounds great sung by both Diana and Whitney. They both have the most amazing voices.

  9. rachel

    Diana Ross is SUCH a legend for sure.

  10. risalopez

    I am a huge fan of Diana Ross. I love all of her songs. I always listen to this song even now.

  11. Chrissy

    And I love Diana Ross and her songs, thanks for sharing this one my dear!

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