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Ready to Get Up and Dance? Check Out Dr Schwamp’s Newest Single and Album

Are you ready to get up and dance? Or perhaps, to have a good time? Look no further as I have just the music for you! UK multi-talented and multi-genre artist Dr Schwamp recently released his newest single, entitled “Dr Schwamp’s Brand New Cure-All Tonic”, and his newest album, entitled Tunes, Tall Tales & Tinctures. And, I’m having a real good time with these releases! Why? Continue on to find out!

Check out “Dr. Schwamp’s Brand New Cure-All Tonic” and Tunes, Tall Tales & Tinctures down below, and let me know what you like about the single and album!

Dr Schwamp’s Brand New Cure-All Tonic

Let’s take a look at the artist’s latest single: “Dr. Schwamp’s Brand New Cure-All Tonic”. The multi-talented and multi-genre artist has released an impressive single that is quite addictive. It is an energetic, upbeat funk that will captivate your attention throughout. With the funky beats and vocals, there isn’t a dull moment! From the first beat, the energetic yet funky beat will have you either getting up and dance or bopping to the beat instantly.

And the lyrics are unique too! It tells of Dr Schwamp, who tells an audience at his medicine about his new cure-all tonic. This magical medicine could cure anything, from back pain to a hole in a heart. It is nostalgic as the lyrics and even the music video harks back to the time of medicine shows were very common (which around the 19th century).

With the funky beat and the unique lyrics, one must not overlook Dr Schwamp’s talent embedded in the tune With the groovy melody, the flawless beats, and the musician’s fantastic guitar solos, “Dr Schwamp’s Brand New Cure-All Tonic” oozes with so much talent that you have to listen to this funkalicious tune!

Check out Dr Schwamp’s newest single down below and let me know in the comments what you think!

While you are at it, make sure to check out Dr Schwamp’s latest album Tunes, Tall Tales & Tinctures. There is a little bit of everything in each of the eleven tracks featured on the album, according to the artist himself. Here is the rundown of each track:

Condemned to Swing (Big Band Swing) – Follows the story of a common labourer in the South seduced by the music of Satan, as a result, could not stop dancing. Includes a courtroom scene wherein he is condemned to “swing” due to demonic possession.

One Foot in the Groove (Blues funk) – Highly hypnotic, danceable piece where the devil tempts one to leave their disciplined ways the “treasures of the earth”. Twist ending.

Whetstone (hip hop w/ bagpipes) – Charts the development of a vengeful attitude to right wrongs. Bagpipe solo with distortion and wah-wah pedal!

Come with me to Heaven (Gypsy swing) – A survey of 6 forms of heaven, and their respective rewards. Ends with an infection’s unbridled gypsy style dance.

Kinda Blew (Blues w/ bagpipes) – Straight ahead blues track, with a nod towards Miles Davis’ album (Kind of Blue) in a biographical format, with the colour blue as the thematic thread.

Bonnie & Clyde (Anthemic “stadium” ballad) – A study of the hustler in various settings, fit for soundtracking.

The Box (Ska backed, Greek folk) – A frank, candid, and hard look at the manner choose to ignore the philosophical underpinnings in life. Absolutely original incorporates virtuosic danceable sections.

MMM (Reggaeton, Latino-funk based) – An exaltation of the multi-national in 4 languages, with an outro of Amazing Grace in epic, bagpiping style.

Dr Schwamp’s Brand New Cure-All Tonic (energetic uplifting funk) – Thematic track

About the Artist: Dr Schwamp

Dr Schwamp

For the mysterious, peripatetic Dr Schwamp, every performance is a walk-in surgery, at which he and his highly trained acolytes serve up a thrilling “Cure-All Tonic” involving a secret recipe of blues, funk, gypsy, folk, and swing all delivered with poetry, precision, and power. Dr Schwamp will enthrall you with his combo of gritty vocals, witty lyrics, and dizzying facility on violin, blues harp, and BAGPIPES! (We kid you not). While his highly skilled team of sonic surgeons perform complicated operations involving finely tuned instruments and fleet-fingered frettings, the album takes you on a sonic journey, uplifting and energetic, and is one to be enjoyed in full.

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Ready to Get Up and Dance? Check Out Dr Schwamp's Newest Single and Album

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