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Drea Dominique Goes Back to the Early 2000s With “Block”

I am back with another interview, this time with the multi-talented artist Drea Dominique. Born in Long Island, New York-raised and currently residing in San Diego, California, the multi-talented singer, songwriter, model, and former reality TV star Drea Dominique has the flavor of both coasts. With her smooth R&B voice and fresh twist on the Hip-Hop sound, Drea has what it takes to succeed and make an impact in the world of music.

The multi-talented artist talked to ai love music via email about her influences, working with many superstars in the music industry, and what was it like creating her newest single “Block”. Find out why the music video has a 2000s R&B video feel to it by reading on. While reading, make sure to listen to “Block”. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Hey! Could you please introduce yourself!

Hi. I’m Drea Dominique. I’m an artist. Model. Reality Tv personality. As well as the creator of Heart Space by Drea. My own lipstick and lash line. 

Drea Dominique

What got you into music? How has your musical journey been since then?

I’ve always had a passion for music. I grew up to my pops playing all the classics and he really influenced my love for music. I started out singing hooks for friends or jumping on a verse here and there. Now I’m embracing becoming a solo artist and letting the world get familiar with me. 

Which musical genres and/or artists influence you?

I absolutely love old-school R&B. But I truly love all music. Aaliyah was my biggest influence. So much, that I named my daughter after her. I love how she was sexy but not over the top. I loved her tomboy swag. Most of all I loved her voice and the music. She created such great love songs and carried herself like a lady. 

You have been in various music videos by artists like Snoop Dogg, The Dream, Baby Bash, and Robin Thicke. What was it like working with these artists? Do you have a favorite video?

It was definitely an honor to work with such a variety of different artists. I’m glad to say I’ve never had any awkward situations on set, aside from getting hit on. But the situations have always been very professional and just a lot of fun to be around. I don’t usually fan out but the Chris Brown and E-40 video are definitely my favorite. Just because I love Chris Brown so much. 

Let’s talk about your newest track “Block”. What is it about?

“Block” is the anthem all the ladies can relate to. These guys act up then expect a callback. I’m here to tell them, that if you don’t come correctly, you can and will get Blocked. 

What inspired you to write it?

The inspiration was a man that kept crossing the line. He seemed to think he could treat me how he pleases and still reaches me. Little did he know. Blocked!

Which sounds, musical texture, or lyrics do you want to really highlight in this track?

Don’t play with me. 

Don’t play with me.

Don’t play with me. 

Don’t play with me. 

How was it making the music video? How is it reminiscent of early 2000’s R&B music videos?

Shooting the video was a ball. I love getting dolled up and getting a chance to act. I love the drama of it. And of course, my hot models didn’t hurt. 

It reminds me of the early 2000s because that’s when the videos had a storyline. Not just a bunch of booty shaking. Nothing against booty-shaking videos but I prefer to see the drama played out like a movie. 

Drea Dominique

What is one thing you want listeners to listen for in “Block”?

I just want everyone to recognize, that you’re in control of how people treat you. You can choose when to stop being mistreated, by that very easy to access button. Block. 

Any future plans?

I’ll be dropping a new version of I’ll be seeing you by Billie Holiday. We shot an amazing video and hopefully, I did her justice. Also, stay tuned for my podcast dropping soon. It’s called Dos Mucho. I am currently in the studio working on my next project so just stay tuned. 

And of course, I wanna give a big thanks to everyone who continues to support my music. Thank you for all the love and continue to play my songs 💕. ]

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Drea Dominique Goes Back to the Early 2000s With “Block”

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