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The Daily Feature: The Soulful Word Featured in Ed From Space’s “The Tunnel”

Cover art for Ed From Space's "The Tunnel"

Today’s The Feature is “The Tunnel” by American Alternative Indie R&B / Alternative Rock artist Ed From Space. The tune features a variety of vocals: dreamy in the backing vocals and slick yet soulful during the verses and chorus. Ed From Space’s vocals takes the listeners on a delicious musical journey with each turn in his fabulous vocal melodies. Full of color and rich, the vocals are the meat on the bones for this song as they add such personality and beauty.

But, don’t forget about the instrumentation! Electrifying guitar licks accompany a bluesy piano sub-melody. Both complement each other by building a mesmerizing melody in the instrumentation that catches the listener’s attention from the first note. However, their presence isn’t overbearing but soothing as they have a sort of mellow presence. If you are looking for a tune with engrossing melodies, soulful vocals, and hypnotizing instrumentation, then you have to listen to “The Tunnel” today!

Make sure to listen to Ed From Space’s “The Tunnel” down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

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