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What Makes EĐĐIE’s ‘Lowly Throne’ An Appetizing Must-Listen?

What is an album that you have listening to over and over because it is THAT good? One album that has been on repeat this week is Lowly Throne by American Alternative Rock artist EĐĐIE. But what makes this album such a must-listen? Why do I crave to listen to the album over and over? Let’s take a deep look at EĐĐIE’s newest album down below.

A Delicious Array of Rock


One thing that makes Lowly Throne a worthwhile listen is the variety of musical genres presented in the album. It starts off with a synthesized, instrumental, slowly burning with a sound byte overlapping it. Then that synthesized energy is carried onto the first vocal track, entitled “Mood Swing”, but with a cool pop-rock vibe. Other pop-rock tracks are “Polaroid”, “I Got Faith in You”, and “A Year Full of Madness” (with a dash of Americana mixed in).

Then, EĐĐIE displays his hard rock side with tracks “Livia”, “Freak on Fire”, and “Carmen Elecktra”. Brash vocals meet on-the-edge guitar licks define these songs. But, the singer-songwriter does show the opposite of these bold sounds with a softer sound. Acoustic guitar meets soft, whimsical tones in such tunes like “Penniless” and “Untethered”. The album finishes off with “The Pinnacle” (feat. Lindsay Dunn), an anthemic pop-rock packed with positive vibes.

How these tracks are lined up in Lowly Throne is what also makes this album such a worthy listen. Instead of packing everything together, EĐĐIE carefully planned how to present track with the energy level always staying constant. Yet, it is the performance of each song that comes together to make Lowly Throne. Each song has its own aura, a unique display of the artist’s skillful vocals, attractive energies, mouth-watering melodies, and well-crafted lyrics. These are what make the album simply incredible!

The final thing that one must listen to in EĐĐIE’s new album is the lyrics. Every song featured in this album has its own set of words that were brilliantly written. For example, the song “Carmen Electra” tells the story of a guy at a bar who just can’t seem to get rid of this girl he compares to Carmen Electra. Then you have “Mood Swing”, which tells of a love-crazed serial killer from the ’60s who just can’t seem to “get it out of his head”. Finally, “The Pinnacle’and “Freak on Fire” features words that will give listeners a confidence boost. Each set of lyrics will motivate listeners in different ways.

My Final Thoughts

EĐĐIE’s Lowly Throne is one of my recent favorites and should be yours too! The album is well put together with its luscious yet different arrangement of musical genres. Yet, it features a tracklist overflowing with talented vocals, melodies, and instrumentation that will grab any listener’s attention from the first note. Finally, Lowly Throne features intricate yet diverse lyrics that can inspire listeners in so many different. With these factors, the American singer-songwriter’s album is a must-listen today! I am excited to see what EĐĐIE comes out next!

Make sure to check out Lowly Throne down below and tell me what you think in the comments! What is your favorite song?

About the artist: EĐĐIE


EĐĐIE is a solo singer/songwriter & bassist based in Pennsylvania. He fronts the band “Nothing But A Nightmare” where he sang on multiple EPs and Albums with the group. He gained over 100,000 streams with their most recent album Kleptomania Now EĐĐIE takes on the role of a solo artist! His most recent EP Untethered gives just a preview of his soaring vocals, catchy music, and grooving bass lines. EĐĐIE plans on releasing an album in 2021 showcasing all of his musical talents, and much more! 

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What Makes EĐĐIE's 'Lowly Throne' An Appetizing Must-Listen?

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