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Edith is Back, This Time With the EP “Promises”

The London-based singer is back, this time with the EP Promises. I have covered this songstress before about two months ago with the single “I Kinda’ Like You”. I have mentioned that the single is the perfect summertime tune with it’s laid back and chilled vibe.

But how about Promises? Is it a must-listen or a miss? Read to find out what I think!

Promises: An EP Filled With Heart

This is my second EP which I have poured out my heart into. I have written about heartbreak, post heartbreak, my personal worries, and lastly, included the voice memos I originally recorder when writing each of the songs. I am extremely happy about this as it will give people an insight into my personal life and how I write these songs. Most of the sound completely different at the start, even with different lyrics.


Promises feature five original songs (“No Promise No Pain”, “Sad Girls Makes Bad Boys Cry”, “I Kinda Liked You”, “Never Stay Too Long”, and “No Matter What You Do”) as well as three “memos” or work-in-progress versions of “No Promise No Pain”, “Sad Girls Makes Bad Boys Cry”, and “I Kinda Liked You”. Each song has a different flavor and a different message. But, they have some things in common: an upbeat, popish tempo with smooth melodies that features Edith’s cool vocals.

The Songs Featured on Promises

The EP starts off with the upbeat, groovy “No Promise No Pain”. Although bright and groovy, the message embedded in the lyrics is completely different. “No Promises No Pain” was me telling myself I needed to stop trusting people’s words,” Edith described the lyrics, “because without the promise there would be no pain.”

After the three “memos” or work-in-progress tracks, the EP continues with its pop-flavored uptempo beat with “I Kinda Liked You”. I have already written a review about this track before, but I always loved this song, especially during the post-chorus section as the instrumentation slows down to accent each beat.

The next track on Promises is “Never Stay Too Long”. This track is a bit slower in tempo than the others, but it showcases Edith’s diverse vocals as it goes from her smokey lower range to the sweet upper register of her voice. “”Never Stay Too Long” is being past the breakup, being past their tantrums and their superiority,” the singer talked about the meaning behind the song, “Still to this day, every time I listen to it I remember why I left this relationship and why I would never go back because people like me never stay too long.”

Another favorite of mine from this EP is “Sad Girls Makes Bad Boys Cry”. One of the highlights of this tune is the use of the percussion during the song as the kick, snare, and hi-hat sounds are shorted and accent to add punch to the song. The other highlight is Edith’s vocals, especially during the chorus when she sweetly sings in a euphonious tone.

“Being sad, expressing your feelings, missing someone, being the one who lost in the relationship, doesn’t mean your powerless. Everyone portrays sadness as weakness, but it is not,” Edith commented on about how she came out with “Sad Girls Makes Bad Boys Cry”, “I wanted this song to sound like a summer day, a ride down Beverly Hills in a convertible. I really needed that summer feeling, that summer freedom, a summer heartbreak anthem.

The final song on the Promises EP is “No Matter What You Do”. It starts with a dark mood that features a smokey tone of Edith vibes. The tune then changed tempos to an upbeat, dancey one by the chorus. But, this song’s highlight is featuring Edith’s low, earthy, and smokey vocals, which are very alluring.

Final Thoughts

So, is Edith’s Promises EP a hit or miss? It is a definite must-listen as it features the different sides of Edith’s vocals: to the smokey low tones to the euphonious high ones. Each song features addictive melodies, powerful messages, and attractive tempos. Promises is a solid album with a lot of promise in terms of talent and musicality. It is a must-listen, especially if you are a fan of Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello.

Be sure to check Promises below and tell me what you think about the EP in the comments. What is your favorite track?

About the Artist: Edith

Edith started writing songs at the age of 10, when she thought there is no other way to express emotions. She quotes “I love writing, I love writing about my story and people listening to my music thinking, “Oh I relate to this”. We all go through different experiences but in the end, feel the same emotions.”. Last year she released her debut self-titled EP along with doing some important gigs around London, such as Notting Hill Arts Club.

Edith takes inspiration from many artists, such as Lany, The Weekend and 80s pop. In 2020, she is working on her debut album, which she says will be a huge upgrade from her initial EP. She quotes “I love making people feel good, making people feel something, and if I can do that through my music, that will make me happy.” “My parents bought me my first guitar when I was 12 and ever since that it has been my favourite thing to do,” Edith remembers. “I love writing songs, I love being able to express how I feel in melodies. For me, my EP is my diary as every song has a story.”

Born in Romania, Edith moved to the UK in order to persuade her music career. She continues to work on her distinctive brand of pop music and we are extremely excited to see what’s next.

Make sure to check out Edith at the following sites:

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | Youtube | Spotify

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