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Singer-Songwriter Edith Is Back With the Single “Over It”

London-based singer-songwriter Edith is back with a new single, entitled “Over It”. This singer-songwriter is no stranger to ai love music as I have featured her first EP entitled Promises and single “I kinda liked you” last year. In those reviews, I wrote that Edith is a must-listen for her catchy melodies but also her warm, vibrant, and rich vocals. Is that the same case with “Over It”? Let’s look at it closer to find out!

Is It a Hit or a Miss?


“Over It” is a song that features a message about “saying goodbye” to that lover we don’t need to be with anymore. Edith describes it as “the perfect breakup that we dream about”. The words found insides the lyrics are something we can relate to. Why? Everyone has experienced that desire to have a perfect breakup.

As for the instrumentation, the main thing to listen for in “Over It” is the vast synths and their catchy melodies. Filled with modern 80s, lush synthpop melodies, each note is like a honey trap that entices listeners to those catchy and delicious melodies. The vast synths found in the song are a must-listen too for the same reasons. Whenever I listen to this song, I feel like the instrumentation has a “badass” vibe to it, which is super appealing! What isn’t a perfect breakup song without a badass vibe featured in the music?

Of course, the main star of “Over It” is Edith’s vocals. They have depth and range as well as a warm, vibrant tone. Whenever I hear Edith’s vocals, I am always reminded of Ariana Grande’s or Camila Cabello’s as all three have similar qualities: warm, vibrant, and smooth. “Over It” really showcases the London-based singer-songwriter’s vocals with their exquisite tones.

Final Thoughts

Edith has done it once again: “Over It” is one tune that you have to listen to! It is a very well-written song that features catchy and delicious melodies. Also, the “badass” vibe found in the instrumentation is something to check out for its irresistible appeal. However, the thing to listen for is Edith’s vocals, they are just so magnificent with their warm, rich tones. “Over It” is an amazing single that you have to check out today!

Make sure to check out “Over It” by Edith down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Edith


London-based exciting new songstress, Edith, premieres a slice of lushly modern 80’s type synth-pop. Her debut, self-titled EP was released back in March 2019, bringing out an edgier side of the singer. Her second EP called Promises debuted on the 4th of September 2020. Edith experienced more with the next generation of pop in her second EP, some say “I kinda liked you” is one for the charts.

She says that all her songs come from a great story, sometimes extremely painful, however, it is her favourite thing in the world to put those feelings on paper. Edith is now working on an album, highly influenced by dance and pop music. She is hoping to be able to promote her music at as many venues as possible, and right now she is working on gigging all over the country in the new year.

Edith moved from Romania to England at age 10 to persuade her music career. She is now moving on to the third chapter of her career, a debut album. The new music brings out a different side of Edith, more matured, heartbreak ballads which we can definitely see ourselves rolling the windows down in the car listening to them. 

Edith says “This project I have been working on in 2020 is the best thing I have done so far. I am extremely excited to share it with the people who love my music. It has been a hell of a year but it taught me more than anything. The songs are precise stories or experiences I have dealt with, and I feel as if this album is one long story.”

Make sure to check out Edith at the following sites:

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud | Youtube | Spotify

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Singer-Songwriter Edith Is Back With the Single "Over It"

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