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The Musical Journeys Featured in Emma Currie’s Newest EP `Welcome to the Wild`

Canadian alt-pop/R&B singer-songwriter Emma Currie recently talked to ai love music via email about her musical journeys, her experiences, and also the release of her new EP Welcome to the Wild. Born into a musical family that includes a trained opera singer as a great grandmother, Emma Currie’s passion for music runs through her blood. The Vancouver-based singer-songwriter began performing as a child at local showcases which eventually led to her fronting the vocals of her high school’s R&B band and working with producers Adam Stanton and JUNO-nominated Jamie Kuse on a number of original songs. Currie has since performed at various events in and around the greater Vancouver area

Keep on reading to find out what kind of musical journeys are found in Emma Currie’s newest EP. And what is the singer-songwriter’s favorite track?

Make sure to check out Emma Currie’s newest EP Welcome to the Wild down below and let me know what you think in the comments! What was your favorite track?

First of all, please introduce yourself and tell us what got you into music?

Hi! My name is Emma Currie, and I’m a singer/songwriter from Vancouver, Canada. I’ve always loved music, and I grew up around a lot of music from my mom’s side of the family. However, when I saw Shania Twain when I was 6 years old I was so inspired and from that moment on I knew I wanted to make music my career. 

What artists or musical genres influence you and your music? 

Growing up Shania Twain was and still is my main musical influence. Elvis Presley, Leona Lewis, Demi Lovato, Stevie Wonder, Dua Lipa, and Charlie Puth are a few of my other musical influences! 

You come from a musical family that was involved in a diverse number of genres. Why did you choose R&B as your music’s main musical genre? 

I find that I have the most fun singing in the R&B genre and that my voice and songwriting fit the genre best. I love to mix pop in there as well because I love the pop/R&B combination. 

Congratulations on the release of your new EP `Welcome to the Wild`. How was it working on this EP? 

Thank you! At first it felt a bit weird writing and recording songs about my personal life, but as time went on, it felt very therapeutic. Looking back at the process, it was so much fun and it feels incredible that it’s finally out! 

Who did you work with on this EP? How was it working with those artists?

I worked with two amazing producers, Adam Stanton and Jaime Kuse. They make the recording process simple and fun. I wrote most of the songs with Ameer Corro, and it’s insane with some of the music we come up with! I honestly can’t explain how grateful I am to everyone who was involved in creating the EP with me, and I will for sure be making more music with them all! 

Is there a singular theme featured in this EP or are there many themes?

The main theme of this EP is relationships. Not just romantic relationships, but the relationship with humans and money, fame, and power. It’s also a little storyline of my life relationship-wise from late 2018 to mid-2019. 

Emma Currie

What is your favorite thing about each track? 

I love the hint of the African vibes in “Welcome to the Wild”, and that it’s the song I wrote by myself. For “Klara,, I love how vulnerable it is, because that time in my life was difficult on me emotionally and mentally. “Brainwashed” has such a great beat, and the vibe is addictive! As for “Waiting for the Heartbreak,” like “Klara,” I love the vulnerability it carries. It translates the raw emotion and anxiety I had while dating and going through many relationships not working out. Finally for “All Over Again,” the summer-like beat is catchy and when I listen to it, it brings back the happy memories of when I first started dating my boyfriend. 

Is there anything you want the listeners to listen for in Welcome to the Wild?

I hope when people listen to my EP, they feel the genuine and realness behind it because I don’t hold back on my thoughts and my emotions. 

Any future plans? 

I’m planning on releasing more music soon! I wrote so many songs this past year and a half because of the pandemic, and I can’t wait to get in the studio to record them and have everyone hear what I’ve been working on! 

Any final messages for the readers of ai love music? 

Oh wow, thank you for the support, and for taking the time to read this interview! I never thought my music would be heard on the other side of the Pacific Ocean! I hope one day to perform in Japan, I’d love to visit your beautiful country and meet you all! Stay safe and healthy, and again, thank you! You can follow me on my social media which are linked on my website.

Make sure to check out Emma Currie at the following sites:

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The Musical Journeys Featured in Emma Currie's Newest EP `Welcome to the Wild`

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  7. Ramil Hinolan

    I love to read that she likes Elvis Presley ‘s music. Presley is one of my favorites, too.

  8. Ramil Hinolan

    I love to read that she likes Elvis Presley ‘s music. Presley is a favorite, too.

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