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Escape The Winter Blues With Emma Mae’s “Hollywood”

It’s mid-winter here in Japan as well as the North Hemisphere. With the snow and cold, one could be feeling the winter blues. What is something that you have tried to do to combat winter blues? Did you know that listening to music could help you out! It is so magical that it can help in so many ways to turn that negative into positive during these times!

One track that will help you shake off the winter blues is the enigmatic ballad “Hollywood” by the English pop artist Emma Mae. The artist stepped away from her usual bitchpop genre to present a different, down-to-earth side of her artistry. What makes this “Hollywood” such a beautiful listen? Let’s take a deeper look down below!

Because Hollywood Made Me Believe

Emma Mae

One factor that feeds into Emma Mae’s bitchpop genre is the element of heartbreak. This one action can spur so much different emotions from light to extreme. The artist uses these emotions of heartbreak in “Hollywood”. You can hear bits and pieces woven into the lyrics as the character expresses their disappointment that the relationship that they were in just ended. They thought it was going to be perfect, just like the moments. Emma Mae does a beautiful job at painting an accurate picture of a struggle with unrequited love. She uses bare emotions, personal storytelling, and down-to-earth wording to create this musical masterpiece. Listeners could relate their own experience of heartbreak with the artist’s intimate portrayal.

Another thing listeners in “Hollywood” is the potent artistry of Emma Mae. This raw and intimate ballad features the artist bare it all with the fascinating power in her range. She creates an intimate setting where listeners feel like their next to her with warm and rich vocal tones. Emma Mae crafts her vocals around the tranquil piano chords in such a way that make it like she is telling a story: first softly, then raw and powerful, and then going back to soft. It is Emma Mae’s vocals that are the real star of the song. They are crafted in such a way to be expressive, powerful, and confident without holding back.

Final Thoughts

Emma Mae creates a powerful world within the musicality and lyrics of “Hollywood” that listeners cannot miss out on. The track feature an emotional take of heartbreak that is woven into intimate storytelling that any listener can relate to. But also, the musicality is truly breath-taking as Emma Mae’s crafts her vocals to feature these emotions with his expansive yet warm vocals. “Hollywood” is a spectacular listen that can warm up your winter blues or help to heal with its warm, inmate settings. Is a track that listeners should listen to today!

Make sure to check out Emma Mae’s “Hollywood” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

About Emma Mae

Emma Mae

Bitchpop at its finest. 21-year-old Emma Mae writes songs about boys in bands for people with a grudge. Based in London and studying music, she has plenty of material and buckets of promise.

Emma’s last two solo singles have seen her a prominent fixture in the iTunes charts, as well as on Midlandsbased BBC radio stations. This has garnered her some high-profile industry attention, including a later release on Monstercat Records, an upcoming one on Spectrum Recordings, and Apple Music editorial playlisting as her top-line career takes off in London.

Make sure to check out Emma Mae at the following:

Official Website | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Youtube | Instagram | TikTok

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Escape The Winter Blues With Emma Mae's "Hollywood"

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    Great work Emma Mae!

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    Very nice song. Love her tone of voice. I enjoy listening to this hollywood.

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    This is my first time hearing Emma Mae and I absolutely love her voice. It’s so beautiful.

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    I was listening to Emma Mae yesterday, she is amazing. I love her songs especially the lyrics.

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    It’s my first time to hear about her, she’s so pretty! Will check her songs.

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