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English Rock Band Into•The•Deep Talks About How Music Influences Them

How has music influenced your life?

I recently conducted an email interview with a rock band named
Into•The•Deep from England. They talked about the newest single, how they came together, and answered my question of how music influences them.

Click to read their fantastic interview and listen to some of their music!

1. How did the band get started?


The band was a natural evolution of a few projects combining. When Jonny moved to Newcastle with a Solo project he was keen to find a band and step away from the singer songwriter material he had.

When his old band mate Adam also moved to Newcastle, the two started putting more clarity into Jonny’s ideas.

Not long after that they started looking for for a drummer, they put up a bunch of ads online and eventually Seamus got in touch!

Once they started to get an idea of where they wanted some of the first songs to go, they felt a second guitar would really fill out the sound they were cultivating and spoke to me about coming on board as a guitarist.

2. What is the meaning behind the band’s name?


It took months of all of us pitching names that no one was really happy with before we came up with Into•The•Deep.

I was keen to use a song name of some sort and Adam’s wife suggested ‘The Deep’, I jumped at the chance of calling the band ‘Into•The•Deep’, to pay homage to one of my favourite bands, Kula Shaker.

Everyone seemed happy with it, and happier still that the whole ordeal was at an end!

3. How has music inspired you?


I have a tattoo over my ribs of old song lyrics that read ‘Music is a pathway to another world, where the lonely find love, where the sad find happiness.’ It’s an incredible to listen to music, watch performances on TV or to go see live music and let the vibe take you away from anything going on in your day to day and I think watching performers as children and standing in a venues being effected like that has always made us want to try to give people that same experience when they see us play.

4. Are there any groups or genres that influence your music?


We really work on a wide spectrum, which is largely dictated by our individual tastes more than anything.

Seamus lives in a world of classic Rock, which I think is really represented in his Drumming style, whereas Adam & I both enjoy Rock music from the 00’s. The linchpin behind that is Jonny’s background in Indie Rock bands.

By all accounts, those things shouldn’t mix together well; but as it happens, if you mix Editors with Placebo via Guns n Roses, you kind of find the strange bubble that Into•The•Deep frequents.

5. I enjoy “Pain”. Was there any story behind this song?


An early one that is always difficult to talk about, Pain was my attempt at speaking out about self harm, although conceptually it was not just about physical harm but the broader mentality of harming yourself.

The song was born out of my frustration with seeing human struggles glorified in popular dramas about coming of age, seemingly telling younger people that if you’re not out there going through painful experiences that lead you to self harming then you aren’t living properly or having an authentic experience of adolescence.

The chorus was always meant to be an uplifting realisation that if you’re struggling with issues like that there will always be help available and you don’t have to suffer in silence.

6. The band’s latest single is “Animal”. Was there any particular way that it was created? Any musical influences?


Animal was one of the first song’s Jonny & I wrote together for the band. Until that point Jonny would bring songs to us all and we would flesh out the instrumentation, but the song would remain largely the same as when he brought it to us.

Jonny had been trying to pin down a chorus for a while, it was only once we sat down together and decided to keep it simple that the song really found the formula that it stuck with.

As far as influences go, we tend to look at influences for sections of songs, which allows us to develop a character for each of them individually; for example, the bridge of Animal jumps into a key change, which we consciously chose to do as a subtle nod to Coheed & Cambria.

7. What are your plans and goals?


Who Knows? We’ve managed to develop a great, loyal fan base in Newcastle, and we’re grateful to get opportunities to play shows in places like O2 Academy Newcastle (Where we’ll be playing our headline show on 24th May – You can find tickets on Ticketmaster, or through our website).

I think short term, we’d love to be able to do a small UK Tour and see if there are people out there who want to hear what we have to say.

Long term, though? I don’t think any of us have the attention span to look at the long term, as long as we’re having fun – It will be what it will be!

8. What do you want listeners to listen for when listening to your music?


I think it’s nice enough that people take the time to listen to our music at all! I’d like to think people can connect with what we do on some level, hopefully they find something that makes them want to listen again.

9. Finally, what kind of message do you want to say to the readers of ai love music?

Thanks for taking the time to read our interview, you can find our new digital single ‘Animal’ on Spotify now! Make sure to check our website for information about upcoming shows & links to all our social media!

You can check out their music on this Spotify playlist:

You can also check out a live version of my favorite song from the band “Pain” in the video below!

About the Band

Into•The•Deep was formed in late 2016 by Jonathan Haigh (Vocals, Guitars) and Adam Cosheril (Bass) as they completed work on the early songs which became the backbone of the bands inception.

Acknowledging that they needed a drummer to help realise the true potential of their songs, they took to the internet in search of Newcastle’s best new musicians, in hopes of finding someone who could bring the right character, musicianship and stage presence to the role. Only days later, they met with Seamus Emery, and began to jam on the songs.

The next few months saw the line up develop with the inclusion of guitarist, Gary Surridge. From there, the band began working tirelessly on new music, focusing on the bands Indie Rock roots, whilst also pushing for a more groove driven, anthemic sound; which gradually developed into their more Rock leaning, newer material.

The band began booking shows in late 2017 and swiftly saw their fan base grow from a few devoted fans to a wider audience that continues to develop with a momentum that shows no sign of slowing down.

Already having developed a following in Newcastle, Into•The•Deep enter into 2019 with big plans. With a combined single & video release in May teasing the bands first introduction to the UK touring circuit in late Summer 2019.

The band’s tenacious attitude see’s them set to become one of the UK’s most exciting new bands.

The band have scheduled the release of their first official single, ‘True’, for Early May 2019. This will be accompanied by a heavy promotional push; culminating in their scheduled ‘Single Release Show’ at O2 Academy2 Newcastle on 24th May.

You can check out Into•The•Deep on these sites, social media, and streaming sites:

Official Site / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Spotify / Soundcloud / Youtube / iTunes

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