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Enjoyable Listens’s “Summer Hit”: How We Are Supporting Roles in the Bigger Picture

One tune that has been playing often on my Spotify lately is Enjoyable Listen’s “Summer High”. Released just last week, I am in love with this song with the soothering acoustic feel and the beautiful timbre of the vocalist’s deep vocals (which reminds me of the lead singers of Tears for Fears and Depeche Mode). Yet, what also makes this tune a must-listen is its profound lyrics about our dreams and how they are tied to the society we live in.

I recently had a chance to interview Luke Duffett of the alternative rock duo Enjoyable Listens. Duffett talked about what kind of music inspired himself as an artist and their newest single “Summer Hit”. Read on to find out how does “Summer Hit” expresses the meaning of our lives and dreams: us being supportive roles in a bigger picture. And also, let me know what you think of “Summer Hit” in the comments below!

First of all, can you introduce yourself?

Hello, I’m Luke Duffett. I started a highly efficient and functional outfit called Enjoyable Listens in late 2018. 

What kind of musical genres and artists inspire you?

I love music that makes you laugh. When I was a bowl cut pre-teen, I started writing songs. I listened to a lot of saddening power ballads (Damien Rice, Brett Dennen, Griffin House, The Fray – lol) and was content in writing four-chord belters that made you ‘feel’ something.

After years of slowly anesthetizing my melodious innocence, I started craving complexity and looking for things that would challenge me. David Bowie’s Hunky Dory probably inspired that in me. Now I like music from older, mature artists that sing from the perspective of someone who’s made a lifetime of mistakes and sing about the small details, namely Lee Hazelwood, Johnny Cash, and Jake Thackeray.

How has music inspired you?

It’s the only thing that makes me want to do anything other than lead a quiet, peaceful life. It makes me want to see how far I can push things. I’m really in awe of artists that can produce things that primarily entertain themselves, which is a remarkably admirable trait. Baby Dayliner, Alex Cameron, and The Rhythm Method jump to mind. 

Can you talk about your newest single “Summer Hit”?

This is a song that I created to prove my independence, in a sense. It was created purely to see if I had it in me, which is still up for debate. The idea for the song came to mind when I was driving. I was borderline inescapably sad. I put on some really ethereal, simple, and blissful music.

My self-pity was lifted and I was filled with a ravenous drive. I thought; ‘Why don’t I try and generate the same environment myself?’, So, I looked on Gumtree, found a Mac for a fair deal, drove to Shepperton, had a lovely conversation with its previous owners about her son: who shared the same name as me and was a drummer in a military marching band. I drove home, plugged it in, laid it down and here we are. 

Is there any story behind the lyrics?

It’s a song about dreams. The non-linear. The proclivity one has to put themselves as the main character in the worldwide play of life, yet there’s a nagging, sobering realization in the back of the mind. We are all just supporting roles in the bigger picture.

Pulse Alternative Magazine said that your music has an 80s vibes to it. Is this correct? Is there any reason behind this?

It is, it was, and it will always be. The first collection of songs I put out was decidedly turgid synth tracks. I wrote them as quickly as I could on my then-roommate/bandmate/life partner’s Yamaha PRS that his Nan from Hastings gave him. I sent the tunes around and I got a few people saying I reminded them of David Sylvian in Japan, so I went with that. Music is entirely cyclical and all eras have been relevant to my sound at some point.

What is your favorite song in your discography?

I love ‘Drowning In The Reef’. Everything about that song gets me going. It’s bonded me with some truly beautiful people I wouldn’t have met if this hadn’t started. Every time I perform it I’m taken back to when I used to catch the Megabus from London to Plymouth at 11 pm so I could spend some time with my now wife. 

What are your future plans and goals?

To keep making songs that bring me closer to other people and places. 

What do you want listeners to listen for when listening to your music?

The irony – and to ask every question as soon as it appears.

Do you have any message for the readers of ai love music?

I hope you’re all having a truly wonderful day. Look up and ask to see something. I’m so grateful for people who are willing to get things moving.

About the Artist: Enjoyable Listens

Enjoyable Listens

This is Enjoyable Listens definitive moment. The infamous duo of Luke Duffett and J Savage built up a fearsome live reputation across London over the last year. Alas, each show was an ephemeral vapor, burning incandescently, but leaving nothing tangible behind. After a number of sell-out shows, the duo split due to the overbearing ego that Duffett had been unconsciously nursing.

Now, after months of reflection and dissatisfaction with his current state, Duffett crafted the perfect track. He is the artisan baker that life coached the caterpillar of his own soul into embracing the chrysalis and the deep sleep that follows, trusting that eventually, he will reawaken as the terrifying butterfly he has always known he could be. ‘Summer Hit’ was written during a brief second of momentary bliss that had hatched from an epoch of sadness. This is Enjoyable Listens’ final attempt at getting the weighty aircraft of its legacy to soar above the deceptively opaque clouds of mercurial hypocrisy.”

After a season of gaining formidable traction by extensively gigging the London circuit, a nationwide tour and a number of sell-out shows (including support slots for The Orielles and British Sea Power), Enjoyable Listens released 2 limited runs of their most recent single ‘The Terror’ on Oxford’s vinyl label ‘All Will Be Well Records’, both of which sold out in a matter of days. Now, Enjoyable Listens have emerged from the ashes of their own making to birth the naive Phoenix that is ‘Summer Hit’.

Written and recorded on a Mac that Duffett picked up from gumtree in Shepperton, ‘Summer Hit’ cries out vehement waves of thick, July evening ether that will haunt you in the most profound and beautiful way for the rest of your life. The pithy vocals are a transparent view into the mind of one grasping desperately at the past. 

Make sure to check out Enjoyable Listens at these sites:

Facebook | Instagram | Youtube | Spotify | Bandcamp | Soundcloud

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Enjoyable Listens's "Summer Hit": How We Are Supporting Roles in the Bigger Picture

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