Enter a Dream-Like Electronica World with Fey's "Y Aqui Estoy"

Before online streaming music sites became popular in the late 2000s, discovering new tunes back in the day was done in two ways: mass media (like TV and radio) or the internet, either illegally or legally. With music being spread like wildfire all over the internet, how we listen to music changed. More and more people also got curious about various musical genres from around the world. One way was through blogs. I remember reading each week on various LiveJournal sites about tunes I had never heard before, listening to each one, and then falling in love with new favorites.

I discovered Fey’s “Y Aqui Estoy” Here I Am during on a now-defunct LiveJournal site (dedicated to music) during my senior year in high school. When I first listened to the tune, I fell in love. A beautifully crafted electropop song from the mid-2000s that had elements of deep trance embedded within. I have been a fan of this kind of deep trance sound ever since I discovered “OVER THE RAINBOW” by Japanese pop group globe in 2002. I fell in love with this kind of trance after listening as the sound was riveting, raw, and full of emotions.

“Y Aqui Estoy” is the exact opposite of this globe song as the mood isn’t driven by darker tones. But, Fey’s song is filled with a tone that is more relatable with a dream and/or wishful thinking. The instrument reflects this notion as “Y Aqui Estoy” opens with a dream-like presence. Fey sings in a whisper-like tone while a foggy-like atmosphere is created by the backing synthesizers. The main synthesizer plays a series of sixteen notes in a style that is like being in a dream; melodic, captivating, and vivid. More instruments joined in at the start of the chorus. Yet, the wistful, dream-like mood doesn’t disappear.
My favorite part of the song is the chorus. I like how the higher harmonies compliment Fey’s voice. The blend of the two voices makes the melody fuller in sound, thus making the emotional aspect stronger. Speaking of making the sound fuller, a deeper bass synthesizer is also added to counterpoint the higher melody. This deep sound is opposite to Fey’s soprano vocals, which are a bit deeper and fuller as the singer changed tones between the verse and chorus parts.
I always enjoyed “Y Aqui Estoy” for its dream-like intro and rich chorus that has a full yet deep sound.  What do you think? Comment below!

I never read the lyrics when I first listened to the song in high school. I didn’t attempt to find an English translation back then as I wanted to listen to the song as is. In fact, I just discovered a translation this week. You can read the English translation of the lyrics here.

About the Artist

Fey, or María Fernanda Blázquez Gil, is a Latin Pop singer from Mexico City, Mexico. She released her debut self-titled album in spring of 1995. It produced four number one hits, which were “Media naranja”, “Gatos en el balcon”, “Me enamoro de ti” and “La noche se mueve”.  She went on her first tour soon after, becoming very popular as she toured all over Central America. She continued to have successful albums throughout the late 90s and early 2000s. Although her career from onward had a series ups and downs, as well as a hiatus here and there, Fey continues to be a hit among listeners in Central America and the United States.

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