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Eoin Maher’s “Alter” Is Inspired By the Adverse Effects of THIS Major Current Event

Irish Alt-Pop singer-songwriter Eoin Maher recently talked to ai love music via email about his musical journey, inspirations, the transition from showjumper to musician, and the release of his latest single “Alter”. Eion Maher is an exciting new Irish independent Pop artist based out of Galway City in Ireland. Eoin has been writing songs and playing shows across Ireland for the past 5 years, making his debut appearance at Electric Picnic Festival in August/September 2019 & also releasing his debut single ”Sunlight” in July 2020.

Find out what current event inspired Eoin Maher to write “Alter” and what does the singer-songwriter wants listeners to listen for. Make sure to check out “Alter” below and let me know what you think in the comments!

Eoin Maher

First of all, please introduce yourself to those who don’t know you.

My name is Eoin Maher and I’m a 24-year-old solo Pop/Alternative artist based out of Galway City in Ireland. I released my debut single ‘Sunlight’ in July 2020, and my latest single ‘Altar’ is now available on all major streaming platforms. I try to make my tracks as relatable for all listeners as possible, whether it’s appealing to the listener’s mood or emotions.

How did you get into music? What was that journey like?

I taught myself how to play the guitar at a very young age by mimicking my uncle who bought a guitar when I was 4. Playing the guitar from such a young age and trying to learn popular songs got me interested in all types of music and grew my passion for music over the coming years.  I began singing when I was 12 and started posting cover songs to Facebook by the time I was 14. I always loved music, and I am very multi-genre in my taste of music.

At the time of posting covers, I was professionally Showjumping horses in the UK and soon after left that profession and returned to Ireland to pursue a career in music. On my return to Ireland, I began to play cover shows all around the country and was very successful for a number of years. I then turned my focus to writing and recording original music (which was always the aim) and I released my debut single “Sunlight” in July 2020, which went on to gain over 40k streams worldwide.

The journey so far has had lots of ups and downs but has given me lots to learn over the years, but the harder you work, the more results you will see.

3. You used to be a showjumper. Why did you leave that profession and how has the transition been?

Showjumping was a profession that I always loved from a very young age. I moved to the UK when I was 17 and competed professionally there for a number of years but the music was always number one.  While I was based in the UK, I actually played some minor shows around different cities and got amazing feedback. This pushed my love and focus more and more on music as time went on. It was hard to give up something that you really do love and enjoy, but on the flip side, it’s easy to drop it for something that you love more. 

What musical genres or artists influence you?

As an artist, I think it’s very good to be open to all styles and genres of music. I think being open to all genres gives you more diversity in your music and gives you many new ideas and new sounds that you can bring together and work on a new project. Me Myself, I am very multi-genre in my taste of music. I love everything from rock, pop, rap, to EDM and folk. 

Ed Sheeran would have been a huge influence on my music and writing style over the years. I love how he can mashup songs from every Genre and Era and bring them together into something special that all listeners can enjoy. If I had to pick one artist to work with in the future, it would be him. 

Let’s talk about your latest release “Altar”. What is it about?

My latest track “Altar” was written at the height of the Pandemic in 2020. This track was written and inspired by the adverse effects of the pandemic and just the general doom and gloom that was broadcasted on a daily basis. In this track, I wanted to cover all aspects of global events that were currently happening and not just the pandemic.

So many disasters have taken place over the last 24 months which have affected people both physically and mentally, and I really wanted to cover these issues in this track. 

Your press release describes the song as “about the abrasive effects of the pandemic on society”. Could you explain this a little more?

The last year/year and a half have been a real sh*t show. 

So many disasters have taken place over the last 24 months which have affected people across the world physically and mentally, and I really wanted to cover these issues on this track. The pandemic has caused many conspiracy theories, doubt, and mass worry to come to light and has divided many people across the world. I really wanted this track to cover all aspects and bring people together as a whole. 

How was the process like writing and creating this song?

Since this track covers very gloomy topics, I did not want it to be a sad and boring track. That would have been a waste. When working with producer Dave Skelton, we worked to make this track powerful and motivational sounding. I think the cinematic booms and the general backing & build-up of this track get the point across but keep the listener interested throughout the track. 

Eoin Maher

What is the most important thing for listeners to listen for in “Altar”?

The most important thing about “Altar” is this track can be what you want. If you relate more to this song over a bad relationship? Fine! If you feel like you relate to this track in another sense or another storyline, then good. Music is subjective, and everyone is different, so make the most of it in your own way. No one should tell you how to think, or how you should feel. You can do that for yourself!

Any future plans?

Big plans are coming in the future. Lots of new material has been written and in the process of being recorded that I am more than excited to share with the world. The thing I am most looking forward to is the full return of live shows globally. In Ireland, at the moment it’s hard to make solid plans with lockdowns happening regularly, but my intention is to get as much good music written and produced as possible for when things do get back in full swing!

Finally, any words of encouragement for the readers?

Keep going, keep your head up. Put the work in and get those results. Success does not come easy, it is a long process but it will be worth it in the end. 

Make sure to check out Eoin Maher at the following sites:

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Eoin Maher's "Alter" Is Inspired By the Adverse Effects of THIS Major Current Event

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