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Israeli Singer-Songwriter Ethan Gontar Opens Up About  “Say Goodbye”

Israel-based musician, composer, producer, and singer-songwriter Ethan Gontar recently talked about the release of his recent single “Say Goodbye”. In this article, Gontar talked about his musical influences, how he incorporates many musical styles in his music, and what was the theme of his recent release.

Check out below what the artist had to say about making the song and what was it all about! Also, make sure to listen to “Say Goodbye” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Hello! Please introduce yourself to those who don’t you!

Hello everyone! I’m Ethan Gontar, a singer-songwriter and music producer from Israel. I am 25 years old.

Lately, I am composing a lot of styles and trying to find the right way for me. Pop, electronic, classical music, and acoustic folk.

Ethan Gontar

How did you get into music? What has that journey been like?

It all started when I was in first grade, my parents brought me into the world of music. When I was 6, I started playing the flute and piano. I had so much fun, that one day in sixth grade, I decided I wanted to start learning guitar. My mom bought me a guitar toy with 4 strings in purple. I will never forget it. I was so excited about this guitar toy, that I started writing songs and performing with her on my and my friends’ birthdays. So funny.

My parents saw that I was really passionate about this world, and decided to buy me my first classical guitar. When I saw her one bright morning, I didn’t stop shaking. I had with her exactly 15 minutes or so, and then I had to go to school. All-day I talked with my friends about the new guitar they bought me, and how much I was dying to return home and play.

Since then, everything is history.

I started writing a lot of songs and I took it more seriously. over the years I gathered a few people, performed with the band I had then, and did it until the end of high school. In between, I also combined choral studies and professional guitar studies with a graduation certificate.

After that, I served in the IDF military, served as a combat soldier for about 3 years, and kept thinking about how much I wanted to go back to making music. Whenever I had time in between, I composed lots of original tunes from all sorts of styles.

When I graduated from the army, I started doing it as a profession and developing a musical career, to this day.

What musical genres and/or artists influence your artistry?

I’m influenced by a lot of artists and bands, such as Tycho, M83, Bon Iver, Coldplay, 009 Sound System, The Script, Scorpions, Bon Jovi, The Beatles, Robbie Williams, Take That, Moby, Mike Oldfield, Depeche Mode, ENIGMA, and many more.

The genres are Rock, Pop-rock, Electropop, Dance/Electronic, Acoustic folk, Downtempo guitar,  Analogue synthesis, Ambient elements, and Classical music.

It’s 2022! What is one goal you set for yourself for this year?

Release one more single with a music video, with an original melody and lyrics I will write.

I’m currently working on a lot of original melodies, and I have a lot of written material. I have some musician friends who sit with me on everything, and together we plan all the way.

You have a diverse musicality with acoustic folk styles, classical, pop, and electronic music. How do you incorporate all these genres into your music?

Well, the classical music that I’m composing is usually defined as soundtracks that can be purchased on my official website, after contacting us. This music is aimed at everyone and can be used for trailer music, the soundtrack for movies, etc …

The other genres are more in the direction of singles, and I plan to release one single from each genre. After I see how it develops, I would be wiser to decide which direction to go, and there is even planning on a first album in the future. But it is still very far away, and only on paper at the moment. It is very difficult for me to choose one music genre, so I try to diversify. I always say that sometimes when you get lost, it can lead you to good paths.

Let’s talk about “Say Goodbye”. Let us know what is it about!

Oh yes! This song is very special for me. I will first talk about the song itself, then I will expand a bit on the music video.

This song was written about a real case that happened to me. Although this song has a good and happy bit, the meaning of the song is sad and painful. I started working on this one 2 years ago, and I feel like I can bring it out into the world right now. 

The song is about this girl I met on a trip, which lasted about 3 days. On this trip, we did exactly what is described in the song. Together under the stars at night, we connected a lot even though we both come from different worlds, as described in the song. Different worlds? Different Worlds is a metaphor that means a different religion. We had a very strong connection, the connection continued after the trip, but as described in the song, it did not last long. 

In the song, you can see all sorts of memories from our meetings, like that time on the beach, when I thought it was probably a sign that we were meant to be together, but no. The very fact that we are from different worlds, can not happen. Religion defeated love. The story is very sad, but I decided to go for a happy and catchy bit, because thanks to all this, “Say Goodbye” was born.

The music video we worked on, is an animated clip with the lyrics of the song that shows me and her, living in 2 different worlds. The characters are from simple animation, so it is very obvious that the world in which they live should also be made from animation. Well, in the parts that see me, there is a world of animation. In the parts that are seen, they show a realistic world, a world in which the character does not feel he belongs. 

You can see in the video the characters walking in places we really were in reality.

Later in the video, you see me wondering what to do with our relationship. To continue it even though the girl comes from another religion? Or stop everything and admit it can not happen? Well, I came to such a conclusion. I wanted that, but it was way too hard to live like that. Why would I change who she really is just for the sake of a relationship? It is immoral to do that. Not the other way around either.

At the end of the video you can see that we are moving side by side, and each in a different world. I’m so close to getting in there, but in the end, just walking from the side. She and I walk side by side, not noticing each other. Then, the ending scene shows us facing each other, and fate just decided it wouldn’t happen here. 

I don’t regret anything, because thanks to all this, this song came into the world.

Exclusive fact: We’re not in touch today, and I don’t think she knows anything about it.

Ethan Gontar

What inspired you to write it?

I thought about it a lot, I was very depressed.

Then I said to myself, something must come out of this. One good thing. Then I learned that it’s really easy for me to write songs that are sad. I did not want the song to be sad, because in the end something good came out of it, so I decided that the melody would be rhythmic and catchy, even though the meaning of the song is painful.

What kind of words, sounds, or textures did you really want to feature in “Say Goodbye”? Why is that?

The metaphor I thought of was “2 different worlds”.

This is in my opinion the main thing in the song that each of us comes from a different religion, and with how much we thought we might try to go for it, we decided not to.

Name something that you want listeners to listen for in this song?

Enjoy the rhythm!
The chorus is catchy, go dance, let’s make it happy!

Any future plans?

Keep creating, producing, composing, singing, making videos, I’m constantly thinking of original ideas. Thank you for hosting me here, I had the pleasure of talking to you! See you soon.

Make sure to check out Ethan Gontar at the following:

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Israeli Singer-Songwriter Ethan Gontar Opens Up About  "Say Goodbye"

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