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Open Up to Eurovision 2021: Songs from the Big Five and Netherlands

It is Eurovision week! The first round of the semi-finals happened yesterday. It was an excited time as songs from sixteen countries competed. Some of the results were a surprise or were expected. I will share my Finals scorecard on Saturday and talk about my thoughts about the two semi-final rounds.

For now, enjoy the songs from the Big Five and Netherlands. the Big Five are countries that are automatically entered to the finals. The five countries are Germany, United Kingdom, France, Spain, and Italy. Netherlands gets an automatic acceptance to the finals as they are the host country for this year’s competition.

Listen to all six songs and tell me which ones you like in the comments!

Germany: Jendrik’s “I Don’t Feel Hate”

At first, I thought this song was a silly song. But, as I listen to it more and more, it grew on me. I really love the horns section of the interlude. It is a funky song, but there is an important message inside the lyrics: don’t hate.

Italy: Måneskin’s “Zitti e buoni” (Shut up and behave)

If you like Pearl Jam or gritter rock acts, I think you will like this. This is a headbanger for sure with its rhythmic bass lines and the vocals in the chorus.

France: Barbara Pravi’s “Voilà”

If you are into cinematic pop or rock, then this song is for you. It such a pretty song, especially the chorus parts. I feel like this song is more of an art piece as you feel like the singer (and the music) is painting the story of the song with the music.

United Kingdom: James Newman’s “Embers”

A funky pop song that will get you to stand up and dance! With a dance beat and some fine vocals, it will make you dance and sing along in no time!

Spain: Blas Cantó’s “Voy a quedarme” (I’ll Stay)

A feel good modern pop songs that starts off soft but then packs a punch at the chorus. If you like modern pop acts like James Blunt or Ed Sheeran, then this is for you.

Netherlands: Jeangu Macrooy’s “Birth of a New Age”

A very inspiration tune that reflects back on the events of the past year. It is very soul but also incorporates kawina in the chorus. Kawina is a music genre that is from Suriname primarily, where the artist was born. It is such a soulful inspiration that harks on the beginning of the new age with resilience and authenticity.

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Open Up to Eurovision 2021: Songs from the Big Five and Netherlands

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  1. Kathy Kenny Ngo

    This should be an awesome event. I hope everyone will be able to keep safe.

  2. Pamela Marks

    All of these were very different and new to me. I think after 30 years of being a mom I am a bit behind in the music scene.

  3. Tweenselmom

    All these artists sound really good. I always love listening to different genres, that way I can listen to different songs depending on the mood.

  4. Emily Fata

    So many great songs are in Eurovision! It’s nice to be able to hear the best.

  5. Angela

    Such a beautiful song. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Norma

    Amazing bog post, I didn’t even know half of these artists existed. Thanks for the heads up and keep up the good work!

  7. Mosaic Murals

    Amazing selection!!! They’re all awesome especially Spain’s, i love it!!!!

  8. Ramil Hinolan

    This sounds an exciting competition. I hope they will select the most deserving singers.

  9. Dominique

    What fun! I like the songs from Italy and the United Kingdom. I am not familiar with any of these artists but finding new music is fun.

  10. Maysz

    These are nice artist that I need to check on I would love to listen their music awesome!

  11. Oscar

    It’s my first time hearing the band’s name. How was it? Looks like they caught your heart, and ear through their music. Will surely listen to their pieces.

  12. Alita Pacio

    Great list here. I think my favorite is James Newman’s Embers

  13. Puneet Kaur

    Oh yeah it is a funky song indeed. Seems to be you had so much fun.

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