Road to Eurovision 2021: Daði og Gagnamagnið (Iceland)

It’s mid-April and we have about a month to go till the annual Eurovision contest. It will happen next month. Get excited! Though the contest was canceled last year and faces strict protocols due to the current pandemic, we can still enjoy this international contest from anywhere in the world.

Each day, I will feature a song from one of the countries that are in this year’s Eurovision. Like 2019, I will make my own predictions of who will make it to the finals and maybe win the competition. Good luck to those who are competing!

Daði og Gagnamagnið’s “10 Years”

“10 Years” by synth-pop artist and band Daði og Gagnamagnið is representing Iceland in this year’s Eurovision competition. There is so much I love about this band, the tune, and the music video. You HAVE to check out the music video, it is gold as it a throwback to giant monsters like Godzilla or Japanese hero shows like Power Rangers (which I grew up watching). It also features the band’s iconic dancing that made them popular last year.

“10 Years” is a groovy tune that is so infectious. I love the synth-pop instrumentation and the vocals, especially how low Daði’s vocals reach. The rich, deep timbre of his vocals reminds me of Curt Smith from Tears for Fears. The melody is catchy, especially with those fast vocal runs during the pre-chorus and the melody during the chorus.

Daði og Gagnamagnið’s “10 Years” will surely go onto the finals with its infectious melodies, the dance moves, and that synth-pop instrumentation. I have an inkling that the band will do a specular performance that is like the music video, and I will be excited if that prediction will come true.

My Eurovision 2021 Predictions

Here are my predictions for this year’s contest. These are my own opinions and I am not getting paid or endorsed for them.

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