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The Road to Eurovision 2021: The Roop (Lithuania)

It’s April and we have less than 60 days till the annual Eurovision contest that will happen next month. Get excited! It was a real pity that the contest was canceled last year, but we have another one this year! And even though this year’s contest faces strict protocols due to the current pandemic, we can still enjoy this international contest from anywhere in the world.

Each day, I will feature a song from one of the countries that is in this year’s Eurovision. Like 2019, I will make my own predictions of who will make it to the finals and maybe win the compeition. Good luck to those are competing!

The Roop’s “Discoteque”

“The new song “Discoteque” talks about personal inner liberation. Rather often we say that we are free and that we live in a free world. But most of our restraints come from the inside. So, this song and movement aims liberate our minds, which contains too much self-criticism, fear of appearing different, reluctance to accept your body, even limiting your attractiveness.”

The Roop (

A dancey-pop song, The Roop‘s “Discoteque” takes an edgy mood with its dark tones. There is some sort of industrial feel, primarily in the instrumentations. However, if you are looking for a catchy hook, you can find it somewhat in the chorus.

However, I fail to hear something catchy in the chorus nor in other areas of the song, maybe I am not listening hard enough. I find “Discoteque” a sub-par song with nothing that really stands out. Maybe it is the vocals? The melodies? I can seem to find it. Maybe the showstopper element of the song will come from the performance? Hopefully, The Roop have something up their sleeve when performing this song next month.

My Eurovision 2021 Predictions

Here is my predictions for this year’s contest. These are my own opinions and I am not getting paid or endorsed for them.

CountryMy Prediction
The Roop (Lithuania)Will Not Proceed

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The Road to Eurovision 2021: The Roop (Lithuania)

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