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Finish off February With This Soothing Song by Faye Wong

It’s the final day of February 2021! It’s also #SongLyricsSunday! This week’s prompt deals with weather words: sky, wind, breeze, and cloud. My pick for this week’s prompt is the 1994 song “Tiānkōng” (天空; Sky) by Faye Wong. Check out this soothing tune by the amazing Mandopop/Cantopop singer Faye Wong below! I think you will like it just as much I did!

Faye Wong’s “Tiānkōng”

“Tiānkōng” comes from the same-titled album that was released on November 10, 1994. The album was Faye Wong’s second album in her native language Mandarin (before then, she was famous for singing in Cantonese after moving to Hong Kong in the 80s). For “Tiānkōng”, the lyrics were written by Huang Guilan who has written a variety of songs for pop and gospel songs by artists in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and China. The music was composed by Yang Minghuang, who died in 1995 by being hit by a motorcycle.

The song was used as an insert song for the Hong Kong movie Mermaid Got Married (人魚傳說). If you are wondering what this movie is all about, think of the 1984 movie Splash but in Hong Kong instead of New York City. Both movies have small differences, but the same general plot. I can’t spoil where in Mermaid Got Married does “Tiānkōng” appear, but it is at a pivotal part. (And you can find the movie with English subtitles on Youtube for free. It is a wonderful movie. Mermaid Got Married is actually one of my favorites because I think the mermaid in the story is the best.)

Faye Wong’s “Tiānkōng” is a mellow slow-tempo tune that will help you to enjoy your day. How about you, what do you think about the tune? Listen to it below and let me know what you think in the comments!

The song was covered by Singaporean singer-songwriter Stefanie Sun on her 2002 album Start:

“Tiānkōng” was later covered in 2008 by Taiwanese singer Wei Ruyun:

The Lyrics For “Tiānkōng”

Here is the English translation for the song, all credits goes to AlltheLyrics:

My Sky
why does it filled with wet tears
my sky
why does it always grey-faced
floating on the other side of the world
allowing loneliness to encroach
over and over
draws on lengthy longings

Your Sky
should suspend a thinking cloud
Your Sky
should have a cold moon
left on the otherside of the world
Allowing loneliness to conquer
night over night
Hiding deep longing

Our Sky
when will it be one
Our sky
when can they be joined
waiting on each side of the world
Allowing loneliness to mock
year after year
piled with layers of longing

May sky
no longer filled with wet tears
May Sky
no longer put on a grey face

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Finish off February With This Soothing Song by Faye Wong

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    What a beautiful song! So lovely and soft! And the lyrics are wonderful!


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    It’s such a soothing song! Reminds me of the 90s somehow, but definitely a breath of fresh air. 🙂

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    I’d never heard this song before, but I really enjoyed hearing it and the different variations. I think I like Stefanie Sun’s one the best.

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    Great song; never heard it before!

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    I love the lyrics to the song. If only there was English version.

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