Check Out This AWESOME February Hot Tracks Playlist!


It is February, one of the coldest months of the year! Brr! So, to warm up, check out this awesome playlist RIGHT NOW. It features music from around the world, various genres, and vibes!


Some artists that are featured are Anaté, Andrew Kurtz, Becky CJ, Borito, Bossa Bandits, Cabela and Schmitt, Cal in Red, Casual Vice, Chase Me, November, Chris Jones Band, Chris Maragoth, Cine Nuria, Coolgirl, The Coroduroy Blue, Dani Doucette, Dave Robertson & The Kiss List, Dimitri Von Büren, Dream Reporter, Failing Nine, Fiona Joy Hawkins, Francis and the Fiend, Futhersoul, Gerard Pastor, Gold Spectacles, Gurba, Hilla Peer, Hongza, Hook, inch, indigos paradise, Jacob Shipley, Jasmin Butler, Jasper Erkins, Jaz Kutassy, Jeff Oster, Jenny Kern, Jim Hudson, Joey Miceli, Jonny Ong, Jon Reynolds & The Aches, Jordan Parker, JP2, Kaya Hoax, Lagun, Lily Lewis, Loops Empire, Luke Orlan, Maddisun, Marta Urzaiz, Moonroof, Munk Duane, Mystery Friends, Natalie Nicole Gilbert, Nathaniel Paul, Niki Cremmen, Old Man Soul Club, Omonoko, Our Glass, Painted On, Paperwing, Paradox, Rae Kelly, ReFlex the Architect, Roger Ricks, Routine Faces, Seven Layer Piano Cakes, Shader, Sianon, Skeleton Crowd, Sofi Gev, Sôra, Sydney Parra, telco, Thantophobe, Tlngo, Valdii, Vansleep, Varsity Star, VISSIA, Weekend Lovers, and Zkeletonz.

Check out the playlist below!

What is your favorite song?