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Finding Melodious Duality in ANATÉ’s Music

Confusion, conflict, and duality: things that we deal with every day. These three topics are also explored in French-Italian alternative pop duo ANATÉ with their debut single entitled “Confusion”. Why does this tune about confusion is such a melodious, catchy delight? Let’s find that answer down below.

The Duality Residing in “Confusion”

“My debut single Confusion talks about duality. It’s about the conflict between what
we want and what we are ‘allowed to want’, between who we are and expected to be;
between emotion and reason. We all experience moments of inner conflict like that.
Confusion explores these contrasting concepts and invites us to embrace both”.


The confusion behind the duality of emotion and reason is found primarily in the lyrics. Throughout the tune, you can hear similes and metaphors of this inner conflict. “Trapped in the prison of our reason” and “while it’s tearing down every part of me” are examples of how brilliantly ANATÉ captured the fight in ourselves. But, this fight isn’t just found in the lyrics, but also in the little vocal overdubs that are sprinkled throughout “Confusion”. These lyrics and vocal overdubs highlight the theme of inner conflict, confusion, and duality really well.

Besides the cleverly written premise of duality, the song is also catchy with the vocals and instrumentation. Ana’s honeyed vocals with husky undertones steer the listeners on a compelling musical journey. Meanwhile, the instrumentations support the vocals with a simple yet soothing setup: a guitar, percussion, and a keyboard. Although basic, the instrumentations, along with the vocals, are addictive with their soothing vibe and gorgeous melodies.

Final Thoughts

“Confusion” is a well-written tune that features Ana’s honeyed vocals, soothing instrumentation, and poignant lyrics that captures the theme of inner conflict and duality so well. It is a catchy tune that presents a deeper issue; how can make peace with our inner conflict. With a well-written debut single, ANATÉ holds so much promise and I can’t wait to hear their upcoming debut album!

Make sure to check out “Confusion” by ANATÉ down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

The Second Single: “First Time”

Just a couple of weeks ago, ANATÉ released their second single, entitled “First Time”. It is a chilled tune that talks about teenage love. However, the highlight of the song is Ana’s vocals as they are filled with lush tones and formidable strength. The song also features dulcet strings, popish, synthesized instrumentation, and a blazing electric guitar (just check it out at the 2:25 mark, it is simply wonderful!) A song that harks back on the chilled vibes of Dido, “First Time” is a soothing tune feature dulcet surprises in the vocals and the guitar.

About the Artist: ANATÉ

Anaté is a collaboration between singer & songwriter Anate and producer Delman. Their musical style is defined by a downtempo influence, yet it covers a variety of genres. Influences recognizable in their music include iconic brands such as Hooverphonic, Massive Attack, and Morcheeba on the production side, while vocal melodies and harmonies remind of artists such as Sade, Dido, and Amy Lee.

Anate, singer & songwriter of the project, is living between Paris, France and Berlin, Germany. She was trained since a young age in classical piano. After finishing high school, she was involved in different musical projects as lead singer/songwriter & keyboards player. Anate kept writing music independently and performing in Paris until meeting producer Delman and starting the Anaté project together.

Delman, living in Milan, Italy, takes care of the production. He performed as guitar player with several local bands from early 2000’s to 2015, when he decided to focus on producing local artists and writing own music.

The duo met in Bruxelles in early 2019, quickly realized they share the same vision musically, and immediately started writing together. They recorded over 20 songs in 12 months of collaboration – happening largely remotely. Ten of the songs were selected to form their debut album Confessions, described as a journey inviting us to discover who we are when no one is watching.

Make sure to check out ANATÉ on the following sites:

Official Website | Facebook | Spotify | Soundcloud | Youtube | Instagram

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Finding Melodious Duality in ANATÉ's Music

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