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Why is Fiona Liddell’s “The Lockdown Session” A Powerful Must Listen?

I have said it before that music is like magic where it can make feel and experience certain feelings, memories, and words. It can also inspire us! Yet, the true power lies in the song’s composition, lyrics, and the talents of the singer as well as band members. A truly magical tune or album is when the composition, lyrics, and talents are melded together in a galvanizing way.

Music teacher and singer-songwriter Fiona Liddell from Scotland has recently released her first album entitled “The Lockdown Session”. It is a must-listen album that is full of talent and raw emotions. But, what makes this album ear-worthy? Keep reading on to find out!

Make sure to listen to Fiona Liddell’s “The Lockdown Session” in the Spotify link below and let me know what you think in the comments!

The Backstory

Fiona Liddell recently explained the backstory of her latest album:

During the pandemic, I’ve found solace in going over my old songs and stripping them back to their roots. Lockdown has made everyone realise how important it is to keep live music alive and my aim for this release is to bring some of the joy of an intimate gig back into listeners’ lives.

What Makes Fiona Liddell’s “The Lockdown Session” So Ear-Worthy?

Fiona Liddell

Each track featured on “The Lockdown Session” displays such incredible depths of emotions that we can relate to. Pain, happiness, sadness, thankfulness, longing. Each of these emotions (and so much more) are vigorously felt with each word and note. But, how could one feel these intense feelings in each track?

The answer lies in the powerful performance of Liddell’s vocals and the power of the piano. Take the songs like “Graceless”, “Tattoo”, and “Reach”. These three songs display a wealth of passionate emotions just by the piano and vocals. The piano is bold and powerful with each note being fiercely played. The vocals are also worth listening to as they are rich, soulful, and haunting. These two elements are what make “The Lockdown Session” an amazing listening experience.

My favorite track off this album is “Reach” as I really enjoy the vocal power and talent. I really love the soulful vocal slides at the end of the chorus. They are done brilliantly and brings a powerful touch. But, every track on “The Lockdown Session” is worth listening to as they display the talents and wonders of Fiona Liddell’s musicianship. “Raised”, “Screen Time”, “Diamond and Pearls”, “Graceless”, “Reach”, “Weapon”, “Nukuar”, and “Tattoos”: tracks that exhibit a different side of Liddell’s incredible musicianship.


Fiona Liddell’s latest album “The Lockdown Session” is a must-listen for its raw emotions, Liddell’s incredible musicianship, talents, and brilliantly crafted tunes. From the powerful piano to the soulful vocals, there is something in each song that displays Liddell’s talented vocals and songwriting skills, but also something that everyone can connect with. “The Lockdown Session” can hopefully spark some joy in its acoustic feel, but also feel the raw emotions and the powerful melodies in each track.

Make sure to listen to The Lockdown Session by Fiona Liddell and Sam Thorne down below and tell me what you think about it in the comments. What was your favorite track?

About the Artist: Fiona Liddell

Fiona Liddell

Fiona Liddell is a musician and performer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She performs in various bands all over Scotland. Her wedding band, The Apollos, performs ceilidh and popular covers for happy couples all year round.  Liddell also performs gigs regularly with Edinburgh based singer-songwriter Jack Hinks as a covers duo and as an originals band. 

Now releasing her first live album of original material, Fiona Liddell is looking to expand her audience in anticipation of future music.

Make sure to follow Fiona Liddell at the following sites:

Official Site | Facebook | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Youtube

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Why is Fiona Liddell's "The Lockdown Session" A Powerful Must Listen?

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