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Talking to Fire Tiger About Their Energy-Packed Power Rock Music!

One of my new favorites is a rock band called Fire Tiger! I love their energy, their vocals, and just about everything about this band. This is the kind of music I love to music: electrifying classic/power rock.

I recently had an interview via email with the band singer, Tiff. Check out the interview below the cut as well as my favorite song by the band and their latest release.

1. What is your inspiration for your music? What kind of artists or musical genres inspires the band?

A: We all have different musical inspirations, mostly in the classic rock and classic pop genres. It really depends on the song!  

2. How did Fire Tiger come together? And why did you pick the name? 

A:  James and I met at our mutual friend Dirty Dave’s house in LA in 2011.  Months later we decided to form a band, and James liked the sound of a double name, with 2 rhyming words.   

3. How has music inspired the band members? 

A:  Like most musicians, we hope to contribute something meaningful that makes a lasting impression. 

4. You released your second album “Suddenly Heavenly” last year. What was the creative process like? Did you have a certain goal or vision when recording the album?

A:  The album as an art form is very important to us.  We treat every song with care, as well as every step in the process, from writing to recording, mixing and mastering.  We’re unsigned, but I’m happy we’ve had creative control. 

5.  It seems the songs off “Suddenly Heavenly” are a combination of different musical genres. You go hard rock to pop-rock, to high energy rock and then to soft rock. What was the reasoning behind this? 

A:  Life has a lot of variety, and just because someone likes hard rock doesn’t mean they won’t like soft rock too.  James and I have been listening to a lot of “The Big 80’s” on Sirius XM.  We love experimenting with various themes that somehow manage to match.

6. I love Fire Tiger a lot. My favorite songs are “Energy” and “Be Bygones”. I love them because of the 80’s power rock flare going on. Is there any reason why you choose the 80s rock genre?

A:  Thanks so much Amy! The ’80s has the most uplifting music and lyrics…  We don’t try to sound 80’s, we just do our best 🙂

7. What is everyone’s favorite Fire Tiger song and why? What kind of songs does each member like to play?

A:  To me, my songs are my babies, so I don’t really favor one over the other.  “Energy” does seem to be our signature song.  Everyone in our band enjoys retro music – Jordan has a 60’s / 70’s appreciation that he contributes to our sound.  Bassist Tyler Renga plays in the Ultimate Jams on Sunset Strip, which has a lot of big-name musicians.  Our drummer Tyler Moore we met at Musicians Institute, he plays all sorts of music, including metal and jazz. 

8. What are your plans and goals?

A:  Right now we are working on our 3rd album, which we are trying to finish in time for our show at the Whisky A-Go-Go April 26th.  Hopefully, we’ll also have a tour planned later this year.   

9. What do you want listeners to listen for when listening to your music? 

A:  Listen for fun?      

10.  Finally, what kind of message do you want to say to the readers of ai love music?

Thanks so much, Amy for the interview!  And thanks to everyone for reading, we’d love to hear from you! 

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You can also find them on their official site, Facebook, Spotify, Reverbnation, or Apple Music!

Make sure to check out Fire Tiger’s latest release “Energy” down below. If you like female rockers like Debbie Harry, Heart, or Pat Benetar, you don’t want to miss this song. It is upbeat and full of rock energy, all thanks to that blazing guitar and the strong vocals. The chorus is very catchy and will have you singing along by the end of the song. “Energy” is full of energy that will jump-start your days. But it is also with a retro flare as the song harks back to the sounds of classic rock.

My favorite song is “Be Bygones” from Suddenly Heavenly. Although the energy level is a bit lower compared to “Energy”, it doesn’t stop “Be Bygones” to be an enjoyable song. I love the powerful introduction from the vocals and then the electric guitar. Another thing I like is the chorus, is so catchy and Tiff’s vocals are so powerful.

About the Artist

Fire Tiger is a retro power pop / classic rock band from Los Angeles, fronted by contralto singer/songwriter Tiff Alkouri, along with co-writer / keyboardist James Ramsey, guitarist Jordan Lucas, bassist Tyler Renga, and drummer Tyler Moore. Since their debut 10-song vinyl record album ‘Energy’ (2014), and their 2018 follow-up album, ‘Suddenly Heavenly’, they have been gathering a notable indie following on social media, and have been featured in blogs, Internet radio, and indie terrestrial radio shows worldwide.  FT songs aim to capture the nostalgic musical quality attributed to the 80s and late 70s, varying in style, genre, and lyrical content.

They are headlining the Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood Friday, April 26th, and working on a 3rd independent album to be released this summer 2019

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