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Sing Along With This Energetic New Single From Albertan Country Duo Flaysher

Award-nominated Albertan country duo Flaysher just released their dynamic new single “Wild One”. The duo recently talked to ai love music about their musical beginnings, their goals for 2022, and dive deep into the behind the scenes of their newest single. Find out what was the important thing that Flyasher wanted to showcase in this song don below. While reading, you can listen to the single and let me know what you think in the comments!

Hey! First of all, please tell us about yourself! How did Flaysher come to be?

Hey! We’re brothers, Brad and Ryan Flaysher. We’ve really always loved music. I guess you could say it all started when we were two kids singing in the back of dad’s old work truck. We fell in love with those old classic rocks and 90’s country songs, and that’s really what drove us to play our first show in 2008. We had a crowd of about 30 strong, and we were absolutely fired up about performing live by the end of our set. We made a promise to ourselves that night to take it as far as we possibly could.


How did you get into music? What has that journey looked like?

In the early stages, after a few months of lessons, we spent most of our time gaining experience through “road hours”. We played over 200 shows in our teens, and we learned tons from this hands-on approach. In the last few years, though, we’ve been working with some amazing coaches and mentors that have really helped us take our musicianship, stage performances, and songwriting to the next level. 

What artists and genres inspire you?

Growing up we listened to a lot of Bob Seger, Bruce Springsteen, as well as Tim McGraw. We really fell in love with honest storytelling. That same grit and heart can now be heard in the songs we write. Recently we’ve also really drawn inspiration from artists such as Dierks Bentley and Hardy.

It is 2022! What is something you want to focus on or challenge yourself with this year?

We are challenging ourselves to continue to refine our business and our working partnership. It’s grown exponentially tighter over the last couple of years and we’re excited to continue this refinement while working on some exciting new initiatives that we’re excited to share with our fans.

Let’s talk about “Wild One”. What is the song about?

We couldn’t be more excited to share “Wild One”. It has an undeniable energy and a melody you just can’t help but sing along to. The track was written by Nashville heavy-hitters Tebey, Emma-Lee, and Karen Kosowski and produced by Dan Swinimer (Billy Currington, Tenille Townes, Madeline Merlo, Tim Hicks, to name a few). It’s a feel-good song about the kind of girl you know you can’t hold onto for long yet can’t help but try.

What was the recording and production process like? What was the most important aspect of the song you wanted to capture?

Working with Dan Swinimer was a lot of fun. Calm, cool, and confident. We fostered a very creative and collaborative environment with full dedication to serving the playful energy of the song. We think all of this shines through quite noticeably when cranking this tune.

What textures or sounds do you think were important to showcase in “Wild One”?

We’re known for the grit in our tone. Especially our voices as we were so heavily influenced by heartland and arena rock. It’s a huge piece of who we are so while the song has a lot of melodic hooks there’s still that high-energy growl that really makes the song come to life.


What do you want listeners to look out for in your music?

We are very proud of our unique blend of tonal qualities. Life is full of dynamics. Ups and downs. We consider it a bit of an unofficial mission of ours to put into words what so many people feel but can’t quite process or explain. Look out for a steady flow of songs that you can truly relate to.  

Any future plans?

We’re in the top 12 of an intensive Artist Development program called “Project Wild” here in Alberta. The grand prize is just over $100,000 of career funding. Project Wild has us very focused and excited for what’s to come. We are hitting the studio shortly to record another batch of tunes. We have collaborations in the works, several singles to come as we build up for an EP release, and we’re constantly brainstorming with our team for more exciting initiatives. It was great meeting you and we’re excited to get to know each other some more over the coming months! 

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Sing Along With This Energetic New Single From Albertan Country Duo Flaysher

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