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The Daily Feature: Inside the Glimmery Soundscape of Flower Face’s “Sugar Water”

Today’s Daily Feature is “Sugar Water” by Canadian Indie Rock/Dream Pop artist Flower Face. It comes out on the announcement of her forthcoming full-length album The Shark In Your Water which will be released on May 27th. The artist had this to say about the song’s background:

“Sugar Water” is a song about being completely infatuated with someone, to the point where you’re in too deep but you don’t care because everything is so exciting and colorful and beautiful. The world looks better through rose-colored glasses, so you keep them on. You don’t see any problems or failures until they hit you in the face.

It is heavily advised to watch the music video as it pays homage to classic Y2K video games like Dance Dance Revolution, Rock Band, and Karaoke Revolution. The artist becomes an avatar and goes through levels, leaving up by playing a different instrument. It is all fun and games at first, but it does pan out like at the end. It crashes and burns like a relationship: it doesn’t hit you till it’s over.

“Sugar Water” is a dreamy indie rock/dream pop track with elusive, whispery vocals weaved into vibrant, glittery instrumentation that is a mixture of synth riffs and electric guitars. But underneath this sugary sweet soundscape is dark melodies that cascade in such a way that listeners will not notice right away. Filled with a glimmery soundscape with hook-laden beats and melodies, “Sugar Water” is one dream-pop we will keep dreaming about.

Make sure to check out “Sugar Water” down below. Let me know what you think in the comments.

About the Artist: Flower Face

Flower Face

A multi-hyphenate artist, Ruby McKinnon creates melancholic folk music with a bedroom pop heart under the moniker Flower Face. Taking inspiration from her own vertiginous life experiences, alongside such varied sources as Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events, Jesus Christ Superstar, the oeuvre of Mads Mikkelsen and her dog Ziggy, Flower Face’s musical testimonials recall the jagged emotion of Bright Eyes while conjuring the ethereal ecstasy of a fresh wound.

In 2022, Flower Face is set to release the highly anticipated follow-up to her sophomore release Baby Teeth: The Shark In Your Water. Speaking of the album, which marks her Nettwerk Records debut, McKinnon says, “The Shark In Your Water is an exploration of the self and how that is impacted and transformed by trauma, grief, love, heartbreak, and the struggle of identity.”

Make sure to check out Flower Face at the following:

Official Website | Bandcamp | Spotify | YouTube | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter

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The Daily Feature: Inside the Glimmery Soundscape of Flower Face's "Sugar Water"

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  1. teresa gilbert

    I love a good pop indie style artist! I have never ever heard of Flower Face! I did listen to the video you have here and now I am going to see if I can find some more! Nothing like jamming out and cleaning the house to some hype music 😉

    1. Roshanna21

      Love the concept of the song lol feel like we’ve all been there!

  2. Fransic verso

    That’s awesome to share life experience and sometimes can help others. This is new to me and will listen to it. Thank you for sharing!

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