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The Daily Feature: What Makes F/L/P’s “Kiss That” So Exhilarating?

Today’s Daily Feature is “Kiss That” by Norwegian Pop singer-songwriter F/L/P. The song depicts a strong love obsession that becomes dangerously addictive. This is what the artist had to say about his newest tune:

The song reflects deep melancholy, sadness, and obsession. Being in love can go both ways because the aspects of love are so strong and powerful, it’s fascinating how much it has caused both happiness and problems for people.

Described as “The Neighbourhood meets The Weeknd”, “Kiss That” features a variety of tones and musical genres. A mid-tempo tune that features instrumentation that shimmers with its low, slow-burning synthesizers. Dark tones overflow in each synthesized note. The lyrics also content these dark vibes with such emotions as deep melancholy, sadness, and obsession.

Listeners have to check out the vocals as F/L/P displays a wide arrange of tones. From the soft, low tones in the verses to the high, vivid ones in the choruses, one should not miss out on the artist’s amazing skill at displaying his vocal prowess. His vocals have an array of musical genres on display from R&B to pop that can pique a variety of listeners. But, don’t miss out on his velvety vocals as they are a must-listen because they are oh so good!

With dark yet surreal lyrics and an intoxicating R&B sound “Kiss That” is a song that you have to listen to today!

Make sure to check out the song below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: F/L/P


F/L/P is a Norwegian artist known for his unique ability to collide the modern pop world with musical trends from the past four decades. Born into a family of music aficionados, singer/songwriter Philip Dementiev was exposed to a multitude of genres from a young age – everything from rock, classical, electronica and hip-hop, he was cultivating a diversification of musical preferences and broadening his sonic palette for as long as he can remember. Raised by Russian parents, his multi-cultural upbringing has helped him to build bridges between different cultures and ultimately infuses his music with colour and vibrancy. Refusing to accept the mainstream mentality, F/L/P creates music that is dateless. 

With the hopes to move listeners both physically and emotionally, F/L/P delivers his energetic sound, distinctive and emotional vocals, and captivating soundscapes with a bang. Capturing a range of emotions and moods, his music offers something for everyone. Having garnered close to half a million streams on Spotify thus far, F/L/P is quickly becoming an artist to watch.

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What Makes F/L/P's "Kiss That" So Exhilarating?

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