Foggy City Orphan's "Vitamins" is Full of Well-Balanced Energy to Give You the Jolt to Start Your Day

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Happy September readers!
I want to thank those who have visited my blog so far! I had over 1,600 views in August, more than July, and I am thrilled. Sometimes, I feel guilty for having a music blog because I write content for only one genre. I don’t write about not multiple genres as I see with many other blogs. I could write about lifestyle and travel, but my real passion is music. I want to stick with music (and maybe other entertainment) for now. I will continue to work hard to provide new musical experiences for my viewers.
I write about past and forgotten releases on this blog. But, I also want to feature more about music that is new and upcoming. Especially from bands and artists that are indies or just starting. I am continuing that trend with a band from Scotland named Foggy City Orphan.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicFoggy City Orphan has recently released their newest single called “Vitamins”. Have you heard of the Japanese band The Polysics? Or, The Killers or even The Strokes? The vocal style on some of these bands’ songs is somewhat like “Vitamins”. If you listen to the vocals during the verses on the song, you can hear that it is sung in a style of “talking-like-singing”. The lead vocalist styles his singing like if he is talking; each note is generally in the same pitch range — except for the endings when they are raised up — and the words are sung in a quick staccato fashion. How the verses are performed in this “talking-like-singing” style takes a lot of talent. The singer’s basics (breathing control, rhythm, and pitch) are still a must. But, the trick is trying to fit this seamlessly along with instrumentation. The singer does an amazing job with the “talking-like-singing” approach. it is full of energy and seems like a perfect fit with the bass, guitar, and drums.
When the chorus kicks in, this section reminds me of a U2 song from the 2000s. It is very light, slowed-down, and has a relaxed ambiance — compared to the fast pace tempo during the verses. The guitar is higher in pitch while the vocals are more calmed down, a bit lower in pitch.  Meanwhile, this contrast between the slow-down pace of the chorus and the fast speed during the verses is flawless. Each section is equally played out, and neither part overpowers each other. Instead, the song is well-balanced.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic“Vitamins” is is an alternative rock song that is well-balanced and greatly displays the band’s talent. It balances tempos between the different sections. Meanwhile, the vocalist’s use of the  “talking-like-singing” method is done flawlessly. If you like (alternative) rock bands like The Polysics, The Killers, The Strokes, or U2, you should check this song out. And if you’re not, you should still take a listen to “Vitamins” and tell me what you think below!
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While you are at it, you should check out their song “Cheer Up”. It is a mix of The Police and U2, and I love it:
[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=#ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false&show_teaser=true&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”300″ iframe=”true” /]

About the Artist

Foggy City Orphan is an alternative rock band from Scotland. The members are Paul McLinden (vocals/guitar), John McLinden (guitar/vocals), Martin McLinden (bass/vocals), and Stephen Sweeney (drums/vocals). According to their Twitter profile, the band came together around 2015. Paul McLinden was part of the band The Gyres ( from 1994 to 1999 as a teenager.
You can follow the band on these social media or streaming platforms:
Soundcloud / Twitter / Facebook / Spotify / Youtube
Photo Credits Belong to the band, Gigslutz, and Netsounds.

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  1. julivaglobal

    They seem like to give off a good energy when you are around or listening to them

  2. Rachael Hope

    Thanks for sharing this. I have been neglecting music recently! I go through stages of being on the look out for new bands. Cheers for the recommendation.

  3. Aakanksha

    I love your reviews. I could never write such good reviews for music. Plus I like that you give the SoundCloud links. Helps to here the song then and there!

  4. Shan Ellis

    I remember the Gyres! Oh my days now I might be telling my age here but they played Liverpool Krazy house when I was I. Uni 😂😂

  5. Andrew Koscielecky

    Wow, I never heard about this band! Thanks for sharing! I’m checking out now!

  6. Nina

    Never heard of this band or even the style of music but it’s actually really good when I listened on it. It has a kinda soothing effect on it and not like a typical loud band.

  7. Wow!! Really enjoy reading your review sharing here. Definitely learnt some useful points shared here 😀 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  8. Deserted_Queen

    Your reviews are really amazing. I haven’t heard about this band Before. Would love to check it out.

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    Thanks for the recommendation! And I don’t think it’s bad to only write about one genre – I actually think that’s what you should do! Write about what you’re passionate about!

  10. Beth Davidson

    Thanks for the review! I never know where to look for new music so this is helpful!

  11. Jared Grant

    I love to hear new music. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sarah Carson

    They sound super cool and I love that they are from Scotland!!!

  13. livalildeeper

    I love how descriptive you are with the style of music! I pretty much knew what to expect before I listened to it. Great post! I would have never heard of them otherwise.

  14. Aleese Hughes

    Your reviews are always fun to read. This style sounds like it’s great!

  15. Jayar Reynado

    Yeah, you should stick to one niche my friend. BTW nice band

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    I never know where to look for new music. Its very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

  17. faithhopelove627

    I will have to check out this song. I like U2 and The Killers so I’m sure to like this new band as well. The fact that you compared this particular song to U2 makes me think I will love it.

  18. Charu Sharma

    I have never heard of this band but now would love to listen to “vitamins”. I think talking-like-singing requires lot of talent. Have u heard “breathless” by Shankar Mahadevan. Search on you tube if you want. He sang this song in 1 breath.

  19. Brittany Vantrease

    Never apologize for writing about music. I love music, too. This band was a miss for me, but that doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t enjoy other songs of theirs or any other things you post.

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  21. Natasha

    I love alternative rock! I need to check out the songs you linked once by baby wakes up from her nap!

  22. multipotentialitethoughtswriter

    This is such a great post! I actually went to search for their music and I’m listening to them right now as I’m typing this comment. I’m really liking their sound – thank you for introducing me to this band. I’ve only listened to Rocket and Vitamins, but I’m really liking it. xx

  23. Kemi

    I’ve listened to some of The Killers but I love The Strokes! Haven’t heard them in a while and you’ve reminded me to check for them. I like listening to new music, esp from genres I don’t really listen to.

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  29. The Frozen Mind

    I had never heard of any of these bands and even though they are not my preference for music, I actually enjoyed the song by Foggy City Orphans! Thanks for sharing your music with me!

  30. Thomas P Dillon

    you shouldn’t feel guilty about writing about just one genre if that is what you like. Maybe that’s your niche? But also I kind of like the one-song review because a lot of music review sites just give brief touches on all of the songs on an album. I like to know people’s interpretations and breakdowns of a single, in detail.

  31. Kristine Nicole Alessandra

    I need to be more updated with these promising new bands! My days are pre-occupied with housework, raising kids, excel sheets, and pressing deadlines. I will listen to their music this weekend. I am sure I am going to enjoy “Vitamins.”

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    I’ve never heard of this band and although I love the music I listen to I’m not a huge fan of bands and getting to know bands. But it’s great that you have that niche that you love so much.

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