You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: The Epicness Featured in Forge the Sun’s “Nature”

The Daily Feature: The Epicness Featured in Forge the Sun’s “Nature”

Today’s song is “Nature” by American Progressive Rock / Alternative Rock band Forge the Sun. The band wanted to make this into an epic song inside the prog-rock genre. This is what they had to say about the tune’s theme: ” We really wanted to tell a story with the music and lyrics about the chaos and destruction pollution is causing the planet and whether or not people will ever change”.

There is a lot to unpack in “Nature”. This song, which is over eight minutes long, features a diverse musical landscape. At first, listeners have introduced to the tenebrous side featuring the aggressive sounds of a rock guitar leading the tune’s tempo and beat. It is soon joined by an electrifying guitar and melodic vocals The vocal melodies are interesting as the singer uses a combination of stops, rhythms, and rhythmic variations to enunciate and make every note/word important. Making each note grand.

Yet, there is a light side to Forge the Sun’s newest song. By the three-minute mark, the mood switches into something lighter with a softer and more connected electric guitar melody and the increased use of percussion. This translucent side is blended with the dark side to create an epic finale that features blazing electric guitar solos and epic vocal melodies. How the band structures the song to feature both sides solely at first and then together in harmony is an amazing feat and should inspire listeners to listen to the end.

Forge the Sun’s newest single “Nature” is an epic virtuoso that should not be missed. What makes this song such an astonishing listen is its crucial lyrics about the state of the world’s nature and climate issues. But also, its grandiloquent musicality! Just listen for the melodic vocals, gripping rhythms, epic guitars, and just superb musicality. Any type of music lover have to check out the song today!

Make sure to check out Forge the Sun’s “Nature” down below and let me know what you think!

About the Band: Forge the Sun

forge the sun

Forge the Sun is a progressive rock band from Detroit, Michigan. The band is all about high energy, no boundary rock, and roll! They pull inspiration from all types of genres in any era of music. Each song holds its own unique identity and story, here you will find originality and nostalgia!

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The Epicness Featured in Forge the Sun's "Nature"

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