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Vibrantly Experiencing Life With Foundry Town Survivors’ Latest EP

What has been on your playlist lately? Are there any songs or albums that have become an unexpected favorite? One new favorite is the EP Foundry Town Survivors by the American folk-rock band Foundry Town Survivors. A blend of classic and modern, this six-track EP excited listeners like me because of the rock sound and textures that the band incorporates into this album. What kind of sounds and textures? Well, continue to read on to find out!

What Makes It So Great?

Foundry Town Survivors

A generational flood saw through the eyes of youth. The tenuous borderline between dreams and reality. Unity of purpose during the most desperate wartime hours. The mystery and wonder of a childhood that wasn’t defined by technology.

Foundry Town Survivors EP is a six-track EP that uses crafty storytelling and an array of colorful sounds to make this musical journey worthwhile. As mentioned in the quote above, Foundry Town Survivors uses such vibrant scenes to craft a complete story of life. Each song brilliantly documents a chapter of life with expressive words and well-crafted phrases. How the band weaves the stories with these words makes the listeners feel like they are right in that story, on the shores of the Mississippi Rivers as it raises or in that relationship. Foundry Town Survivors’ talents are awe-inspiring as each song’s stories come to life.

But, it isn’t just the lyrics that listeners should listen to in this album. It should also be the craftsmanship of the musicality. The band carefully crafts each track with the right type of rhythm, guitar tones, and energy to fully display the emotions. For example, they use elements of folk-rock to display the battle of living in the song “Mississippi Rising”. Then there are upbeat classic pop-rock elements used in “Everything’s Okay” to paint a positive message that despite what is going on, everything is going to be ok! But listeners should also listen to ear-pleasing melodies. But also the little musical details in such tracks as “Hopes and Dreams” that levels up the listening experience.

Final Thoughts

Foundry Town Survivors’ newest EP is a masterpiece that shouldn’t be missed. It is filled with a vibrant lyricism that puts the listeners right in the story. But also, it features an array of textures and sounds that are both pleasing but also really highlight the emotional narrative in each track. If you are looking for a good-heartedly rock album that has a diverse amount of sounds from Motown to classic rock, then you have to check out Foundry Town Survivors today!

Check out the EP down below! What is your favorite track? Let me know in the comments!

About the Artist: Foundry Town Survivors

Foundry Town Survivors

Life-long friends and veteran musicians Mark Tomorsky and Tommy Johnsmiller have gigged all over the USA and parts of Europe, separately and together. As Foundry Town Survivors they revel in timeless American Rock, showcasing intelligent lyrics, hummable melodies, a variety of electric and acoustic instruments, and ingenious backbeats. The dramatic setting of a small port city, factories, iron and steel foundries just past their heyday, were among Mark’s earliest memories of growing up in a small coastal Michigan town.

The name Foundry Town Survivors pays homage to that working-class background and the hard work and grit that defines such an existence. Each song is a feeling brought to life, accenting melody and harmonies combined with rugged, clever, and even mischievous performances. Acoustic, electric, hard, soft, lush, and barren soundscapes are mixed together with childlike glee. There are no rules in their sandbox. Even with this kind of diversity, the songs all sound like they’re members of the same family.

Make sure to check out Foundry Town Survivors at the following:

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Vibrantly Experiencing Life With Foundry Town Survivors' Latest EP

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    Haven’t heard of them before, but I love Motown and classic rock

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    great to know that they are life-long friends. such a great opportunity to create music with a friend who is almost always present!

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    Love the classic rock sound of this group! I had never heard of them before. Thanks so much for sharing!!

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