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The Timeless Journeys Featured in Frank Joshua’s `Sense Life`

London-based Indie Rock/Pop singer-songwriter Frank Joshua crafted a phenomenal musical journey with his latest release Sense Life. The artist draws upon experiences, reflections, and passions to tell a story of challenging thoughts and emotions weaved in ten-track album. Joshua hopes that his music like this album makes a statement about the effects of identity and social media in our current age.

There is a little bit for every type of music listener. There are emotional strains heard in the pop-rock tracks like “Rain” and “Cry Blue”. And then there are dancy electronic pop melodies in such tracks as the title track “Sense Life”, “Free”, “The Greed and The Hunger”, and “Five Minutes”. There are soothing soundscapes featured in such tracks as “If I” that are perfect listening experiences for daily life. Listeners can also find inspiration in the heartfelt track “Panic In The Kitchen” and “Hope, Truth & Iodine”. The album’s emotional and creative energy is wrapped together in the terrific ending of rock, pop, and soulful inquiries in “The Loneliest Place In The World”.

Whatever musical genre you are in love with, Frank Joshua’s album Sense Life is perfect for you. It has a bit of everything from pop to ballads. Yet, it isn’t just the music you just focus on but the journeys that these tracks endure with challenging thoughts and emotions that any listener can relate to. What is your favorite track off this album? Listen and tell me in the comments.

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The Timeless Journeys Featured in Frank Joshua's `Sense Life`

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