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Friday Night Jams Vol. 1

It’s is Friday night! What are you going to do tonight? Why listen to some hot music of course! Check out these ten songs that will make your Friday night more musical!

Friday Night James


Get ready to enjoy the intoxicating blend of organic house, Afro-house, and Electronica with “You Were There”. The sound is crated with sharp, plucky sounds with synths laid on top of a soft background pad. The rhythm of the song is driven by the bass. Make this your Friday Night jam with its tribal yet progressive sound!

“Breakfast in Bed” by Sunday Gravy

Get ready to relax this Friday night with “Breakfast in Bed”. This tune is a throwback to 70s funk and R&b with its chilled vibes, funky soundscape, and feel-good vibes. Just relax and have fun with this tune!

“Two Rivers” by Mike Fuller

Embrace Mike Fuller’s deep rock sound with “Two Rivers”. This song showcases a coming-of-age journey with various themes that details Fuller’s experiences in life. Fuller brilliantly infuses the attitude of blues-rock with a up0beat alt-rock groove If you like Gary Clark Jr., John Mayer Trio, and Theo Katzman, then you have to check out “Two Rivers”.

“Best Life” by Coverrun

Get ready to dance this Friday night with this groovy track by Coverrun. It is a happy, energetic dance-pop song that contains a groovy melody and melodic vocals. This tune will inspire listeners to get up and dance with its catchy melodies and positive messages. “Right here, living my best life”

“Mediterranean Baby” by MARIS BEN

Get ready to experience the magical, fantasy, and spirit of this remix of Mediterranean Baby by Maurice Maguena. In this groovy dance track, listeners have to listen for the vocals as their melodic and powerful takes hold of the song’s melodic presence. So hypnotic1

“Burning Love” by Cold Connection

If you are a big fan of synthpop bands from the 80s like Human League and Depeche Mode, then you have to listen to “Burning Love” right now! This tune Cold Connection features deep yet melodic synth riffs that emulate the elements of the hard and cold society. The song’s message of “unconditional love prevails” is symbolized by the vocals as their melodic tones cut through the dark instrumentation with their warmth.

“Thrillride” by Elesteon

Elesteon emulates the melodic hard rock sound of the 70s perfectly in “Thrillride”. This alt-rock track’s melodies feature that melodic element that is akin to 70’s rock. What else is nostalgic is the guitar melodies. They are filled with interesting riffs that make it seems like they are leading their own melody. Gotta listen to the song to end as the song is filled with intriguing melodies and sounds!

“Let Me Be Your Lover” by Beau Audio

Get ready to dance with this saucy dance track by Beau Audio. It is a chilled dance track with sweet female vocals and groovy melodies. “Let Me Be Your Lover” is a delicious mixture of dance, jazz, and Latin. Just listen to those Latin horns during the break! It is a perfect tune to chill this Friday night or even dance to!

“Dorasmus” by White Moustache

Calm down this Friday night with this track by Dorasmus. This piano-driven instrumental features a melodic piano with light percussion, shimming synth riffs, and light strings. This song reflects on the emotions, worries, anxieties, fears, but also hope, love that we feel during the holiday season but in our daily lives. Such a beautiful piece!

“Reversion” by Rob OST

, Get some positivity into your life with this song by Rob OST. “Reversion” is about bringing someone back around after they have lost their way. A melodic rock track with catchy hooks and ear-pleasing melodies. This is sure to brighten up your Friday night and might even inspire you!

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Friday Night Jams

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