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Friday Night Jams Vol. 9

TGIF! It’s finally Friday! Any plans tonight? Any cool music to listen to? Well, here are ten tracks that you should be listening to RIGHT NOW! They are from different parts of the world and have a variety of musical genres! Check them out and make sure to share this post and/or let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Friday Tunes!

“Radio” by Tsunamiz

“The shortest track on the album, “Radio”, passes by quickly and shows that Looney Tunez is shooting for a distinct style throughout its songs. There are the obvious genre trappings of indie rock mixed with techno, but Tsunamiz is very clearly going for a distinct feel with the album as a whole. And that is where this genre mash-up and overall stylings come into play.” — Tsunamiz

“Stories of the Mind” by Haleen Music

This is a track about how your mind and programs fooling you.” — Haleen Music

“God’s Finger” by Fynite

The single sees Fynite, who recently relocated to Cape Town, collaborating with MC who delivers a soaring indie-influenced vocal on Fynite’s Afro-house production topped with an emotional melodic hook and lyrics exploring themes of cycles, yearning, and patience.

“What’s Wrong?” by Kid Disaster

“Song is about struggling with addiction and trying to overcome it.” — Kid Disaster

“Let This Sound Sing” by Frank Sinutre

“Let This Sound Sing” is the second single track from Frank Sinutre’s album “200.000.000 Steps” and it’s realized featuring Marco Cremaschi on trumpet. The tracks talk about this little sensory experience. Perhaps, before the pandemic, you didn’t really pay attention to it. But now that going to a concert is becoming quite an unusual experience, maybe you happen to think about it and miss such an insignificant thing.

“Boat On The Water” by Skinny Dippers

“The song is a love letter to long-distance relationships, and uses the metaphor of boats being drawn together and pushed apart via currents to describe the ups and downs of being separated from the one you love.” — Skinny Dippers

“Beast” by Larochelle

“In the Cold River” by iamrw

“Follow You” by elsewhrre x Droopy

“Kingdom (feat. Karra)” by Matthew McGowan

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