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Speaking With London-Based GARRETT About His Newest Single “THE LIGHT”

American-born, London-based electronic/club/garage artist GARRETT recently talked to ai love music to talk about his music inspirations, music journey, and his latest single “THE LIGHT”. Having grown up in New York City, GARRETT has been “moaning poetry” into microphones since his teenage years and brings soulful energy to his house-infused dance music which contains raw and vulnerable yet conscious lyricism. Continue to read on to learn more about the artist and why “THE LIGHT” is all about finding strength during your darkest moments.

Make sure to check out “THE LIGHT” by GARRETT down below and let me know what you think in the comments!


First of all, please introduce yourself.  

I feel like you can only FULLY introduce yourself through your presence and energy! So hi, I’m Garrett, an American artist living in London after two years in Berlin, and if you’re reading this… I hope the energy you get from it is fun, a little wild… and sexy. 🙂

How did you get into music?

I started writing poetry and songs at 7. I grew up dancing, and playing violin… and a bit of piano… so you could say it found me!  I can’t not create or tell stories – I’d die inside. 

What artists or musical genres inspire you?  

I listen to a lot of unique or cool modern dance music these days – and female r&b/crossover (like Bree Runway and Azealia Banks), but also love artists like SEVDALIZA, BANKS, and RY X. I grew up loving Janis Joplin, Stevie Nicks, David Gray, the Stones, Bowie, and Grace Jones…

Let’s talk about your latest single “THE LIGHT”. What is it about?  

I met this beautiful person outside of a cafe in Berlin, one month after I moved there… and we fell in love quickly… with many ups and downs… and a year later, ended things and it completely broke me apart and changed my life. 

How did you find inspiration for this single?

By healing myself and finding the forgiveness I needed to move on – which is what ‘THE LIGHT’ – finding the light – represents. 

What was writing and producing the single like?

 Cathartic as all get out!  It gave me closure to the person and town I called home. 

Production wise, I made this with my long time collaborator Joe Sheriff and when I heard the vocal hook on the chorus he came up with… I felt it so damn hard. 

Was there a specific thing you wanted to highlight in “THE LIGHT”?  

That you can overcome the worst and most difficult experiences of your life. You can forgive the people who have done you the most harm. 


What do you want the audience to listen to when listening to your song?  

I want them to feel GOOD. It’s not a sad song. It’s a meaningful story constructed with a really feel good groovy dance beat. I want us all to dance in remembering that life can be beautiful, even with the pain. 

What are your future plans?  

An album is definitely coming. I also run a spiritual platform called CREATIVE LIFE SCHOOL and help people tap into their creativity and spirituality – through courses, and educational videos across all platforms (we go hard on TikTok!). So, that, and performing more as things open. I’m ready to do splits on every stage again (I was performing a lot before lockdown, and is where I’m most comfortable) and connect with so many people. 

Finally, do you have any message for the readers of ai love music? 

Thank you for your time and energy. And don’t forget that you can create anything you damn well want to!  Don’t listen to the haters or naysayers… do you and do you LOUD!  I’ve built this all on my own, and I’m only getting started. 

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Speaking With London-Based GARRETT About His Newest Single "THE LIGHT"

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