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Getting Funky with Summertime

This Friday marks the beginning of summer! The season that some will joyously celebrate or moan for the next three months. Whatever may be your mood, you gotta have some funky summertime beats on your playlists! Last year, I talked about “Summer Vacation” from The Party. I also mentioned last month that the song “Playing With Fire” by Nix will be an awesome tune for your summer playlist. For this post, I want to stick to the 90s for my summer kick-off song but in a different genre with a familiar performer.

The Multi-Talented Genie: Will Smith

Has anyone seen the new Aladdin movie?

If you did, how was it?

I have to yet to see it. The movie theaters have been packed since the movie opened on June 9 here in Japan. But, I am hoping to see it this weekend with my sister.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet or been living under the rock, the movie features Will Smith as the iconic Genie. Now, I know he is not Robin Williams. Also, Robin and Will offer a different perspective to the Genie character: Robin with his stand-up comedy skills and Will with his hip-hop skills. I cannot say who is the best. Each actor has their own skills that are equally great. It isn’t fair to say who is number one. (Same with James Monroe Iglehart, who was the original Genie on the Broadway production.)

As a child of the 90s, I always enjoyed listening to Will Smith’s music. I also loved watching the movies and TV shows that feature him. “Men in Black”, “Miami”, “Gettin’ Jiggy wit It”, and “Wild Wild West” were all staples during my childhood. My favorite of those is “Men in Black” as I remember it was the first song I listened to when I inherited my grandpa’s radio and placed in my bedroom. It would be the kick-off song to my radio listening hobby. (I used to listen to a lot of radio until high school as I was also into shortwave radio.)

Time Sit Back and Unwind

“Men in Black” is a great song. But, my all-time favorite song that features Will is “Summertime” by The Fresh Prince with DJ Jazzy Jeff. Sampling Kool & the Gang’s “Summer Madness”, “Summertime” is a laid back tune that reminiscence the summer spirit. This song feels like a tune that you would listen during the late summer when the sun is setting for the day. The time of the day where you are relaxing under the rays of twilight and the warm summer nights.

This chilled atmosphere is also painted within the lyrics with Will rapping lines like:

“Give me a soft subtle mix…

…And put your car on cruise and lay back ’cause this is summertime”

My sister and I listen to this song everyday when we are getting ready for school and work as it is a great song to get ready to. However, it is also a great song to listen to during the summer nights as it is relaxing, groovy, and chilled.

What do you think of “Summertime”? What is your favorite summer song? Let me know in the comments below.

Bonus Song!

Speaking of Aladdin, here is my favorite song from the new soundtrack. I love this empowering song sung by Naomi Scott, who plays Jasmine. I am glad that Jasmine has a voice in the live action adaption.

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  1. Alana

    Will Smith is such a multitalented individual. I haven’t seen Aladdin and probably won’t – have to admit that the 23,951 times I had to watch the Robin Williams animated feature with my then toddler son made me just a little tired of the song. It was nice hearing Speechless – I’ve heard talk online that it will replace “Let It Go” as the all time Disney anthem. (Personally, I don’t think so – but it is a very good song.)

  2. Alana

    Sigh…watching Aladdin with my young son made me just a little tired of the story, not the song. That song wasn’t in the original movie. I’m speechless. But Robin Williams really did make that movie, and I hope Will Smith can do the same here.

  3. Cathy Kennedy


    I have not seen the new Aladdin film but I think Will Smith is going to be fabulous as the Genie. I loved Robin Williams as the voice-over actor in Disney’s animated film. It’ll be interesting to see how Will stacks up against the late comic King. Thanks for joining the 4M gang on the dance floor this week, my dear. Have a boogietastic week! 😉

  4. Lia

    I’m really looking forward to seeing the new Aladdin! The song you posted is pretty great, so I’m guessing the film will be pretty great, too. And Will Smith is just the best. (If you watch him in interviews, he just seems like the loveliest, nicest dude.) In any case, thanks for getting me extra excited to see it! 🙂

  5. Sarah

    Haven’t seen it yet, but sounds like it’s really good. Normally I’m a little biased when it comes to classics being remade, but I have been pleasantly surprised before. Fingers crossed the movie is as awesome as the music!

  6. Cristina

    Alladin is on my watching list!
    Have to head to the cinema soon.

  7. Joline

    Yay for summer. Finally. We haven’t seen the new Aladdin yet but we cannot wait.

  8. Stephanie

    I love love love Will Smith!! He has always been one of my favorites ever since Fresh Prince aired. And I used to have his CD way back when. It’s such fun music. MIB is one of my top 5 movies.

  9. Neely Moldovan

    I love will smith! I really want to see Aladdin and oh gosh summertime! Love it!

  10. Bree

    I am so looking forward to seeing Aladdin! I plan to take my oldest and relive my childhood with her when we see it!!

  11. Cindy

    I love Will Smith and I’m looking forward to seeing Aladdin! I also love movie soundtracks too.

  12. Amberly

    I LOVED the new Aladdin!! So good!!

  13. okay! i’m so behind on the movie trends – LOL. i didn’t know theres a new aladdin movie out?! i’ll have to wait and see once it shows on netflix?

  14. Veronica Bareman

    I’ve seen it 3 times! I was not sure I cared for casting Will Smith in what was an iconic Robin Williams role, but I should have given Disney more credit. Will Smith did not disappoint. I love that he put his own spin on the character and I thought he did a great job! I mean – I did see it 3 times….

  15. Marlene

    I can’t wait to see it! We tried last weekend and it was sold out

  16. Chad

    I watched Aladin last Sunday, Amazing movie and Will Smith, what an amazing talent. Love it.

  17. Karen Monica

    I have not watched the new Alladin movie but really looking forward to it. I don’t really have a favourite summer song maybe because we don’t have the four seasons here.

  18. Van Cast

    I’m dying to watch the Aladdin movie! I’ve heard it’s awesome and sweet

  19. Courtney

    Ahhhh who doesn’t just love will smith?!?! I just saw Aladdin not too long ago, so perfect time to read this

  20. pooja Malkani

    I have not seen the movie yet but looking forward to see! My son loves the book and i am very sure he is going to love the movie as well

  21. Christa

    I saw Aladdin. It’s just such a difficult role to remake but Will Smith did as well as anyone could have.

  22. Rosey

    We saw Aladdin right away when it came out. It is a really cute movie.

  23. Neil Alvin Nicerio

    Listening to Will Smith sing made me reminisce my youth. 🙂

  24. Holly

    I’m a big fan of Will Smith from way back in the day. I grew up watching Fresh Prince!

  25. Debbie D.

    I haven’t seen the new Aladdin, but I’m sure Will Smith is excellent as the Genie, going by the clips. His Fresh Prince raps are easier on the ears than many others and his TV show was fun, too. He has certainly proved his versatility many times over!

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