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Glass Cases Is Back With a New Single Entitled “chemicals”

It has been a year since I featured the American pop-rock band Glass Cases with their single “Growing Up” on this blog. The trio is back with another single, entitled “chemicals”. What is this single about? And why should you listen to it today? Let’s explore the newest single from this band more down below!

I’m Just Doing My Best Here

“chemicals” is full of positivity that seeps through each music note and word. If you take a look at the lyrics, you can see the messages of “just do your best” and “everything is going to be ok” as the centerpiece of the song.

Each day, people have a range of emotions that they feel: sometimes positive and negative. Sometimes it is a struggle, sometimes it isn’t. This struggle between emotions is reflected well in the lyrics. “I guess I’m just doing my best, it’s okay that my head is a mess” and “I need a way to boost my serotonin, flood my brain with dopamine” are parts of the lyrics that says that the character (of the song) is trying to do there best, but things are not what it seems. Maybe boosting human chemicals like serotonin will help the character to be happier. Maybe this what people think too when they want to get happy.

Yet, even though you have good and bad days, just believe that things will get better even if you not in the right place. “I’m just doing my best here, with a brain that switches to first gear.” This is the main message of the song.

A shot of Glass Cases' music video for "chemicals"

Staying Positive in the Music

The positivity also seeps into the band’s music as “chemicals” is an upbeat pop-rock tune. The tune features resonant yet bright vocals, an upbeat drum beat, stylish piano chords, and a rocking guitar melody. At first, the verses are set at mid-tempo to help display those alluring vocals supported by a blazing guitar to listeners. However, when it hits the chorus, the tempo goes a bit faster as the beat is upbeat, poppy, and full of energy. You can hear a piano performing chords which serves as the key to the upbeat tempo. The guitar, drums, and vocals follow suit in their own style to bring that upbeat feeling.

The upbeat vibe found in the instrumentation and vocals really matches the lyrics really well. The poppy sound from the instrumentation and the light, bright vocals help to show the positivity behind the lyrics musically. This connection between lyrics, instrumentation, and lyrics is well-written and perfectly executed!

Final Thoughts

“chemicals” by Glass Cases is a well-written song that is full of positivity and upbeat melodies. The lyrics paint a positive message of doing your best even if you are not at your best. It also tells of overcoming obstacles and making the best of the current situation. This positivity inside this message is further propelled by the upbeat instrumentation and resonant yet bright vocals. With these three elements coming together, “chemicals” is a must-listen for your day as it is a catchy, positive tune with an important message.

Make sure to check out “chemicals” by Glass Cases down below and let me know what you think in the comments!

About the Artist: Glass Cases

Glass Cases

According to the band’s official website:

Glass Cases brings whole new energy to the pop and synth-rock genre. The acrobatic vocals of bassist Alex Van Keulen are paired with the spoken word stylings of Austin Seifert, bouncing between ukulele and piano, giving the group an attention-grabbing sound underpinned by the dynamic rhythms of drummer Cameron Greene.  

The trio has been making their presence heard in their native state of Colorado, playing shows across the front range and gaining significant features and radio play from many Colorado radio stations, including Colorado Public Radio’s Indie 102.3, the Air Force Academy’s 97.7 KAFA, and Colorado Springs’ 103.9 RXP. They continue to assertively expand their listening base through a friendly and confident grassroots campaign, both in person and on social media.  

These songs are a result of struggle. They are written, both lyrically and musically, with the intent of giving listeners hope, solidarity and strength in the things they are facing.

The band is releasing a new album next month. Be sure to check it out!

You can find Glass Cases on these social media sites:

Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | Youtube | Apple Music | Spotify

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Glass Cases Is Back With a New Single Entitled "chemicals"

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