You are currently viewing The Daily Feature: “Psychic Lovers” by Glass Spells Is a Must-Listen for THIS Reason!

The Daily Feature: “Psychic Lovers” by Glass Spells Is a Must-Listen for THIS Reason!

Filled with a nostalgic 80s vibe, today’s feature is “Psychic Lovers” by the US synthpop/indietronica band Glass Spells. Vibrant synthesizers team up with an airy-sounding guitar to create a soothing and mellow tune. But, don’t be fooled by thinking it’s a pure 80s synthpop tune as there are hints of punk and modern electronic — which is the unique trademark of the band’s sound — woven throughout. If you listen carefully there is a hint of electronic punk in the melody and even in the higher pitch vocals that have sort of a punch in their sound.

A lead-off single for the band’s newest EP Mirrors, “Psychic Lovers” brilliantly harkens back to back to the 80s with its colorful synthpop landscapes. But deep inside those landscapes, you can listen to hints of modern electronic, pop-punk, and indie embedded in the melody and vocals. A must-listen for a nostalgic feel and a modern taste!

Make sure to check out “Psychic Lovers” by Glass Spells below and let me know what you think!

Make sure to check out the band’s newest EP Mirrors:

About the Artist: Glass Spells

Glass Spells

After the debut release in 2014, Glass Spells have been featured on radio stations in San Diego (91x, FM949) and also other college radio stations like KXLU. The buzz around the band has led to many shows and showcasing at the San Diego Music Thing. Mentioned as the best new band by San Diego uptown news in 2015 . Glass Spells is known for their live shows.

The band members are Anthony Ramirez (Synthesizers / Bass), Tania Costello (Vocals), and Michael Buehl on drums. Glass spells have won the attention of many by its characteristic sound, which incorporates several elements from Indie, post-punk, and modern electronic to create rhythms that will not get out of your head.

Glass Spells have supported acts like Alice Glass, Meg Myers, PRAYERS, Moving Units, CLOSENESS members of The Faint. Van She, and others. The band was recently selected as the San Diego’s – 91x radio local break.

Make sure to check out Glass Spells at the following sites:

Instagram | Spotify | Youtube | Facebook | Soundcloud

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The Daily Feature: "Psychic Lovers" by Glass Spells Is a Must-Listen for THIS Reason!

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