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Speaking With Glitch Project About Their Latest Single Entitled “Wane”

Over this past summer, I had the chance to speak with the Italian Alt-Pop duo Glitch Project. Over email, the duo told me about their influences, their history, and the release of their single “Wane”. Continue reading to find out why the band said that they wanted to explore an emotional bubble in “Wane”. Also, check out Glitch Project’s song down below and tell me what you think!

First of all, please introduce yourselves! How did Glitch Project come to be? 

The project was born in 2018 when we decide to try to create something together. We started with home studio software, looking for our sound. We have always tried to mix our musical influences together, starting from ambient sounds and ranging more and more. 

Glitch Project

Which musical genres and artists inspire you and your music?

Hard question. We really listen to a lot of music. We always find our meeting point in the songs of Florence and the Machine, which has always been our reference artist. 

How has 2021 been so far? 

Full of surprises. In May we released our first single, from our new artistic era, Bloom, and a few weeks ago the second Wane. We are really happy with how they were both welcomed. 

4. Let’s talk about Glitch Project’s newest single “Wane”. What is it about? 

Wane, like Bloom, tries to tell a limbo, a phase of doubt in which we all find ourselves. The metaphor with the moon wants to underline the various emotional phases that we go through in our daily life,  whether from relationships to the pandemic to everything. 

What inspired you to write the song? 

We are inspired by what we have around us. Our relationships with people, the stories we hear, what we live. We believe it is the greatest source of inspiration. 

In your press release, you explained that “we wanted to explore an emotional bubble in this song”. Could you talk more about that?

We all live in an emotional bubble, a kind of comfort zone in which we retire to feel safe. What happens when we get out of that bubble? when are we forced to face reality? what do we do? Do we run away or do we stay? 

How was writing and producing the tune? What were your favorite parts?  

Writing “Wane” was a lot of fun. it all started from the bass line that you immediately hear at the beginning of the piece. The rest came naturally, the synths opening up to the vocal line. it’s one of those songs that are born by themselves, by instinct. 

Glitch Project

What do you want listeners to listen for in “Wane”? 

What we hope is that they, listening to it, can escape from their  reality for a moment 

Any future plans? 

We have a lot of things planned and even if we can’t say anything  yet, hold on 

Do you have any inspirational words for the readers? 

Always look beyond what you can imagine, there are fantastic worlds full of surprises that you still don’t know.

Make sure to check out Glitch Project at the following:

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